How to Use Munchy Play Plates

Congratulations on purchasing your Munchy Play plate! Whether your child is a typical toddler, fussy eater, train or car fanatic, our kids' tableware invites little ones to the table, and helps to keep them there.

Made in the UK by a Mum of a fussy eater, Munchy Play plates are designed for infants, featuring high-sides for scooping food and a non-slip base.

To set your child up for success, here's five tips to get the best out of our kids' plates:

Step 1: Demonstrate the product

Parents tell us that their children are SO excited when they receive their Munchy Play plate. But it’s helpful to explain how it works to your child first. Show them the kids' plate and demonstrate what it’s for. Tell them they can play and eat at the same time. Importantly – explain that it’s their very own tableware, not to be used by anyone else. This will make them feel special and make them excited about mealtimes.


Step 2: Involve your child at mealtimes

Involving your child in the dining experience is a good way to get them interested.

Here’s a few ways you can do this:

  • Give them a choice about what they have to eat (this also helps to make them feel in control)
  • Invite them to help prepare their meal. It could be as simple as washing a cucumber, to cutting it up – always with adult supervision.
  • With our kids’ plates you can go one-step further, inviting them to choose their toy train or car they'd like to bring with them to the table each day (ensuring they are suitable/clean/safe to do so).

Step 3: Keep it exclusive

To keep the excitement going for as long as possible, especially if you have a fussy eater, try and keep your Munchy Play plate exclusively for mealtimes, or for snacks. But always for eating, rather than a toy in itself. It’s best used as a tool to excite kids about dining and helping to create positive associations with mealtimes.

Step 4: Respect the way they play

Children all have their own way of playing. Some will want to stuff as many vehicles on the track as possible, others prefer one at a time! There’s no wrong or right way to play, as long as it’s safe (eg, food and toys are not mixed). After all, children develop practical life skills through play.

Step 5: Keep mealtimes fun!

In the early days of weaning we make eating fun. We play games with our child like 'here comes the plane’ and peek a boo.

 Then in just a few months once weaning is over, we tend to forget this. But children still love to play, and mealtimes provide the perfect opportunity to have fun together.

So get involved. Play games with your child using our plate, and take the opportunity to talk about food choices in a fun way.

Here’s some games you can play;

  • Having a tea party with trains and cars
  • Pretending to be on a train or car journey to a friends’ house for lunch
  • Getting a ‘reward’ when the train or car goes once around the track, or ‘stopping to refuel’
  • See how many cars you can put around the track (perhaps you get a new car to put on the track after each mouthful)
  • Offering a new car or train to put on the plate every time they try a new food

About Munchy Play

Munchy Play® is an award-winning family business, founded by a mum to make mealtimes more fun and less stressful. Our kids' plates feature a built-in track, including Hot Wheels™ and Thomas & Friends™ collections.

How it began...

"It was another typical day in the life of being a parent, when my fussy eater toddler was having a mealtime meltdown. Reaching out for his favourite toy train, I fashioned a track around his kids' bowl and that's where it all began. Inspired by its success, I set out to create the first kids’ plate with a built-in track, that would excite children about dining."

Sophia - Founder of Munchy Play

"One of the most promising start-ups"

The Sunday Times


Since launching in 2020, our innovative and fun plates have received several awards, including ‘London Start-up Business of the Year’ (FSB). We have also been shortlisted in the Junior Design Awards and Progressive Preschool Awards.

Proudly British

Supporting UK industry, our kids' plates are proudly made in Britain and carry the UKCA stamp of approval. We are committed to zero-single use plastic, and use food-safe materials that are free of toxins. Furthermore, our tableware
and cardboard packaging can both be recycled.

Giving Back

We believe it's important to give back to the communities we serve, and regularly support charity partners through 'Work For Good'. This includes; National Autistic Society, Great Ormond Street Hospital, UNICEF, The Salvation Army and The Children's Trust.


Shop Small!

Thank you for supporting our small business with a big dream. We launched Munchy Play with one simple mission: to make mealtimes enjoyable... for everyone. It means so much to hear how much our kids' plates are helping you - thank you for spreading the word.