Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find our most frequently asked questions about Munchy Play plates. Please take a moment to have a read. If you can't find what you're looking for her, please feel free to get in touch direct using the contact form, found at the bottom of the page.

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Do Munchy Play plates come with toys?

No, our kids' tableware is intended to be used with your child's favourite toys, bringing them comfort at mealtimes. We figures you had plenty of these already!

Are Munchy Play plates suitable for high-chair trays?

Our kids plates should be used at a table only, with adult supervision. At 27cm wide, they will not fit on most high-chair trays.

What age is your kids' tableware for?

Our range is suitable from weaning onwards (6+ months) but designed with toddlers and pre-schoolers in mind. This is the typical age when mealtime challenges set in, and our plates can really make a difference.

Where are Munchy Play plates made?

We are very proud to say that our products are made and manufactured in Great Britain.

What are your kids' plates made from?

Our kids plastic plates are made from polypropylene which is free of BPA, PVC and melamine. They are also CE certified and have undergone rigirous safety testing to be EU compliant.

Where do you ship to and what are your rates?

We ship within the UK and Ireland, and to a number of EU destinations. We offer free UK delivery to orders over two items, or when you sign up to our newsletter.

You can read our full shipping and returns policy here.

Who owns Munchy Play?

We do! Our kids' plates were designed by our founder and are protected by intellectual property rights, including design rights and trademark. You can read more here.

What toys fit around the plate track?

The universal track fits standard toy trains - wooden and plastic. It measures 4cm.

Where can you buy your childs bowls?

Please see our full stockist details here, you can buy our products in our shop as well.