About Munchy Play

Munchy Play® is an award-winning family business founded by a mum to help make mealtimes fun, even for fussy eaters. Our kids' plates feature a built-in track, including the new Hot Wheels™ Car Plate and Thomas & Friends™ Plate Set Collection.

How it began..

"It was another typical day in the life of being a parent, when my fussy eater toddler was having a mealtime meltdown. Reaching out for his favourite toy train, I fashioned a track around his kids' bowl and that's where it all began...

Inspired by its success, I set out to create the first kids’ plate with a built-in track, that would excite children about dining."

Sophia - Founder of Munchy Play

"One of the most promising start-ups"

The Sunday Times

Award-Winning Plates

Our fun plates have scooped several awards, including: ‘Start-up Business of the Year 2022’ by the Federation of Small Business. We received a ‘Women in Innovation Network' Award, and were finalists in the Junior Design Awards 20/21 and in the Progressive Preschool Awards 2021.

Made in Britain

Our kids' plates are proudly made in Britain and carry the UKCA stamp of approval. We are committed to zero-single use plastic, and use food-safe materials that are free of toxins. Furthermore, our tableware and cardboard packaging can both be recycled.

In the News

You might have also seen our fun plates on; BBC Breakfast News, Woman's Magazine, Forbes, Evening Standard, and the Mail Online, amongst other outlets.

Shop British - Shop Small!

Thank you for supporting our small business with a big dream. We launched Munchy Play with one simple mission: to make mealtimes enjoyable... for everyone.

It means so much to hear how much our kids' plates are helping you - thank you for spreading the word.