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It was another typical day in the life of being a parent, when my fussy eater toddler was having a mealtime meltdown, again.

Reaching out for his favourite toy train, I fashioned a make-shift track around his kids' bowl, and in that moment everything changed...

Seeing the potential to make life a little easier (for everyone), I set out to create a kids' tableware range that would excite children about dining. After all, the best way to bring little ones to the table, is to make it an enjoyable place to be.

Consciously Made

We care deeply about the planet, and are committed to zero single-use plastic in our product and packaging.

During production, we consulted scientists, experts and official bodies, to choose safe and sustainable materials. Our kids' plastic plates are made from polypropylene - a highly-durable material, reassuringly free of BPA, PVC and melamine. It's also one of the most sustainable plastics to produce - and can be recycled at the end of its long life.

As a hallmark of quality, and to support British commerce, our kids' plates are manufactured right here in the UK.

Award-winning Kids' Plates

Munchy Play launched in 2020, and has featured widely in the press. We were named one of the "Most promising start-up's of 2021" in The Sunday Times, and "Best Children's Gifts" in the Mail Online.

Our innovative design earnt us a 'Women in Innovation Network' Award, as well as being named finalists in the Junior Design Awards 2020/2021

The Sunday Times

But what matters to us is you - the families that we make these for. Thank you for supporting our small business and we hope that you love our plates... very munch!