Great toy inspiration for toddlers

Whether you’re buying for your child or someone else’s, it’s always hard to know what the best gifts for a toddler are. Here's a few developmental points to look out for when you're buying gifts for young children, including best toddler gifts.

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Ways to prevent toy overload

Avoid toy overload with these helpful tips. For instance, Set a rule, that if your child hasn’t played with a toy in say 6-12 months, that it goes to a better home. There’s no value in a house of clutter, and it may help teach your child the value of giving to those less privileged, by donating it to a charity shop – perhaps of their choice.

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Six timeless toys for children and preschoolers - Munchy Play

Six timeless toys for children and preschoolers

Still loved by the current generation, here’s a list of five classic toys and books that never go out of fashion. Whether you’re after inspiration for timeless kids gift ideas, grandchildren christmas presents or looking for cool gifts for kids, or just crave a touch of nostalgia, you’ll want to read on.

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How to get kids to recycle - Munchy Play

How to get kids to recycle

If there’s one thing it’s crucial to teach the next generation, it’s the importance of caring for our world. At schools, nurseries and homes, it's encouraging to see a focus on reusing and recycling goods, to minimise our global footprint. The good news is that our toddler plates can be recycled or handed down.

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Gift inspiration for preschoolers

That delightful age, somewhere between nursery and school, is an age where little ones certainly know wha they want (and don't want)!
So, when it comes to cool kids presents, where to turn for inspiration? Whether it's Peppa Pig Miss Rabbit or Thomas the Tank Engine, here's some great ideas...

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How to Influence your Child's Diet

Who doesn't love food art? If it’s true that you eat with your eyes, then there’s a lot we can learn from the food artists nailing it on Instagram right now. Sure to lure in even fussy eaters, food art is a mesmerizing form coming to a toddler plate near you.

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Fun Ways to Promote Imaginative Play

From pretending to be a dinosaur and making a ‘special kids meal for Mummy’, to dressing up as a pirate! Whichever way your child gets involved in imaginative play, it's an important and valuable tool in their childhood development.

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