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Why Do People Put Toy Trains Under the Christmas Tree?

Why Do People Put Toy Trains Under the Christmas Tree?

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for a Christmas tree train set!

The festive season is here, and with it comes plenty of nostalgia and tradition. And there’s nothing that showcases this more than festive decorations.

Perhaps, one of the most unique and loved of all Christmas decorations is decorating a train set around a tree. But where does this unusual ‘Tree Train’ idea come from, and can you use your Munchy Play Thomas Plate instead?

Why do you put train sets under Christmas trees?

In the early 1900s, in a time before Munchy Play plates, a toy company called Lionel produced the first electric toy trains, making them one of the most popular children’s gifts. When children opened their presents under the tree, it was a natural place for them to keep their train set, and so, it’ believed, the tradition began here.

Since then, the humble Christmas tree train set has had a welcome place in the home of families around the world. Even in 2021, it’s still very popular for a Christmas tree train set UK.

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How did trains become a Christmas tradition?

You’d be right to wonder what is a Christmas train? Over a hundred years ago, trains were one of the most popular modes of transport, especially in America, were they were often used to visit families at Christmas time. So, if you’re wondering when did trains become associated with Christmas, this might have something to do with it.

There’s also something nostalgic about trains, especially steam trains, that evokes an emotional childhood memory for many people. Hence why, you might see a number of train collectors or hobbyists, as well as young children, with a Christmas tree train set with smoke.

What’s the Best Christmas tree train set?

There are a number of fun Christmas tree train sets that all work well under a Christmas tree. This will come down to personal taste, as well as where the tree and train set will be kept, along with other factors like having pets and young children around.

Here’s some ideas for different theme Christmas train track sets under the tree:

  • Fun and Simple

The Thomas Train Plate Set is one of the easiest ways to get involved in this fun tradition. Since the track is built into the kids plate, there’s no need to assemble it. There’s three fun kids’ plates in the Thomas & Friends™ collection by Munchy Play, including James and Percy.

Whether you choose to fill them with snacks, sweets, candy canes, or maybe something healthy (then again..) what could be more festive, with your favourite train on the track.

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  • Christmas tree train set with smoke

For those with model train sets, this is such a fun way to bring two of the best Christmas traditions together in one place. Sound effects and steam – we can’t get enough!

  • Toy train tracks

There are many plastic train tracks you can buy to easily assemble around your train base. This allows you to make it as small or large as you like. The Thomas & Friends Trackmaster sets are one of the most popular.

  • Elevated Christmas tree train

If you live in a small space, you might want to elevate your Christmas tree, so that the train track can fit neatly underneath.

  • Nutcracker tree train

A popular choice for the festive season, especially as so many people love this performance.

  • Christmas tree with train and village

Toot toot, dig out that model train railways and put some festive friends around the track to bring it to life. You could even put your favourite electric train around Christmas tree with flashing lights. There’s nothing more fun than seeing a toy train around Christmas tree.

Can you put a train set on the carpet?

The best place for your Christmas train set is putting it on a flat clean surface, so it can trundle around without anything getting in its way. Whether it’s a Thomas train plate or Christmas tree with train and village, it should be safely set up. If it can be accessed by young children or pets, it needs to be in a place where adult supervision is possible.

Carpets are not ideal for model train sets, so you may want to put some laminate down beforehand, to ensure your train set is nice and sturdy.

Model train sets are so much fun. But if you have a Christmas tree train set with smoke, do keep in mind that these are best placed out of the reach of young children.

If you’re putting your Christmas train set under the tree, some families also like to use a tree skirt. This is an aesthetic that hides the base part of the tree, whilst giving it a festive makeover and feel – it’s quite popular to use if your tree is on the carpet.

We hope it’s given you some food for thought! Speaking of festive food, you will definitely want to check out these top ten party food ideas that are so easy to rustle up...



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