Tis the season for Christmas adverts 2021 - Munchy Play

Tis the season for Christmas adverts 2021

Tis the season for Christmas adverts 2021

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0506/0470/3940/files/FB_Xmas_Ad.mp4?v=1636062273In case you hadn’t noticed, all the major Christmas adverts were launched today, including the highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert 2021. There was also comedy from the new M&S Christmas advert (with Percy Pig) and gloss and glamour from the TK Maxx version. But that’s not all.

We might be a small business, but we too have just launched our Christmas advert 2021! Featuring our very own child model and your three favourite Train Track plates, our advert showcases our kids’ plates in all their glory. Take a watch below!

The Munchy Play Christmas advert 2021 is now streaming live across Google and various social media channels and platforms. They make a brilliant Christmas Eve Box filler, as well as a unique gift for toddlers.

Let’s have a run down of the other Christmas adverts UK going live today.

M&S Christmas advert

This isn’t just any advert, it’s an M&S Christmas advert, and it’s one made for foodies!

Bringing Percy Pig to life, Marvel actor Tom Holland takes on the voice of the nation’s favourite pig in their entertaining festive ad.  He’s not the only voice of M&S food advert 2021, as Dawn French takes on the voice of the fairy.

The animated advert follows a security guard shutting up a M&S shop. Bringing all the magic of Christmas, a fairy waves her wand over a Percy Pig and brings him to life. They follow this by going on a jaunt of the store, having it all to themselves.

On taking the role, Tom Holland said: "I've loved Percy Pig for as long as I can remember, and when I was asked to be his voice - his first ever voice - it took me less than a second to say yes."

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021

John Lewis' highly anticipated 2021Christmas advert runs for two-minutes and is named ‘Unexpected Guest’. It features a young boy who encounters an alien and befriends her, before she returns to her home planet. Yes indeed, it’s got all the E.T. vibes about it.

During their time together, the space traveller (Skye) and young boy (Nathan) get involved in some festive traditions. Like scoffing mince pies and decorating Christmas trees, oh and not forgetting the new-tradition of wearing novelty Xmas jumpers.

Singing the John Lewis Christmas advert song 2021 is a little know Lola Young. Living up to her name, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter  hails from South London and attends the famous Brit school. The song is a rendition of the 80s favourite ‘Together in Electric Dreams’, a hit by Philip Oakey and Giorgio Moroder.


TK Maxx Christmas advert 2021

And finally, bringing some rock n roll to the Christmas season, TX Maxx have launched their jazzy renedntion, which features a paired down version of an Aerosmith song.

The high street retailer has taken the theme of "Christmas to the Maxx", which invited shoppers to get into the spirit, a la Laurie (the young boy in their advert), who gives the performance of the night thanks to a special early Christmas gift, after xmas being cancelled last year.

It strikes the right chord, so to speak, with a touch of nostaligia, ahhhh and joy.

Of all the Christmas adverts UK this year, which is your favourite?