What are the top baby names in the UK?

What are the top baby names in the UK?

It may be no surprise that names like Sophia, Isabelle, George, Oliver and Muhammad have been once again announced as the most popular children’s names in the U.K.

However, if you’re looking for inspiration out of the Top 10 names, some of the latest trends are rather inspiring, according to the latest research from Babycentre.

Modern baby name inspiration
Some of the new entries bursting into the popular top 100 list include; Iris, Nina, Parker, Levi, Roman and Abdul.
Jackson, Lucas, Logan and Hugh are some of the more popular boy’s names making their way into the top 20.

One of the reasons could be the popularity of the silver screen – Hugh from Hugh Jackman, and Jackson from Jackson Storm in Disney Cars.

For girls, it seems that natural wonders are influencing names such as Luna, Skye and Aurora.

Bygone names
If you’re looking for traditional inspiration, you’ll be pleased to hear that John is enjoying a renaissance, among 70s classics. For girls, the classic beautiful name of Evelyn is on the rise. Traditionally Irish, this name is crossing over to reach a wider audience, some shortening it to Eve.

Gender neutral names
If you’re looking for inspiration for names that work for both boys and girls, here’s a few popular and surprise treats to take into consideration: Alex, Frankie, Hayden, Kelly, Tatum, Tyler and Val.

Regal names
Fans of ‘The Crown’ looking for royal inspiration will enjoy some of the more classics being touted around for the imminent arrival of the new royal on the block. These include; Mary, Louis, Victoria Albert, Arthur and Victoria.

What are the top celebrity baby names?
Inspired by celebrity babies of the past year, there’s a couple of favourites to consider.

Deriving from Alexandra, Alexis is bang on trend – so much so that Serena Williams named her daughter it last year.

Fearne McCann was ahead of the game when she named her baby daughter Sunday.

It has been a much-loved name for a while now, but now you can expect to hear more parents shouting ‘BEAR’ down the aisles of Asda and Sainsburys, after Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne named their first born last year.

Looking for further inspiration? There’s some great Amazon baby books with a host of cool baby names, also check out nameberry.com and Babycentre.

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