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The Best Valentine's Gifts for Toddlers, Under £20

The Best Valentine's Gifts for Toddlers, Under £20

It’s back, the most romantic day of the year is back!

‘What day is Valentine’s Day’ this year we hear you ask? Don’t worry you haven’t left it too late for chocolates and flowers. This year it takes place on Monday 14th February. Which brings us to the next question – Valentine’s presents…

Valentine’s gifts have evolved over the years. No longer are the preserve of star struck lovers, but it's now quite popular to give Valentine's gifts to your children too – so why not spread the love!

If you’re looking for valentine’s day ideas for your toddler, here’s three fun ideas for you, and best of all, they’re all under £20.

James Track Plate + Train from Munchy Play - £19.95

Ok, so it’s a present for toddlers, but really it’s a gift to yourself! Because Munchy Play plates bring kids to the table and help to keep them there. Which means you get five minutes of peace and a happy mealtime. Priceless you might say.


In bright red, our James plate is the perfect Valentine’s gifts for boys and girls of all ages. Plus, you can add on a red James train, especially with our special plate and train set offer for £19.95, You could say it’s one of the Valentine’s day gift ideas that keeps giving. Buy it here.

Love can come in many ways book - £8.19

Bursting with cuteness, this adorable book is perfect for little hands. The felt flaps reveal lots of surprises, sure to keep little ones occupied. Oh, and yes, it’s a sweet story about the many ways we can show love. The perfect Valentine’s gift for her indoors! Available on Amazon.


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Lush Bath Bomb - £6

Kids love baths, fact. But what could make this fun even better? How about a fizzy bomb? Lush has a brilliant range of indulging bathtime treats that kids will love (candles not advised!). From the Marshmallow World to Butterball. And better still, this Valentine’s gift leaves them with a lovely smell. Bliss!


Love a Lot Care-Bear - £14.04

Are you ready for all the 80s throwback feels!? Good news, the Care Bears have a new addition to their collection and it makes the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him or her, and by that, we mean your child!

 care bear

(C) Amazon

At 30cm, this pink soft bear is the perfect cuddle partner, teaching children about friendship and love. Soft, snuggly and super loveable, you know you want one!

Heart chocolates, Hotel Choclat - £4.50

Chocolates and flowers are the most popular gifts on Valentine's Day. So, if chocolates (and flowers) are a Valentine’s gift you secretly hope for... why not get it for the little one instead and share the love! For a total treat, go for the Hotel Chocolat Raspberry and Peach selector – totally delicious.


Happy Valentine's Day, we hope you got lots of chocolates and flowers. Enjoy this feature? If so, you'll enjoy our guide to the best days out in London 2022.

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