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Top Tips for Flying with a Toddler

Top Tips for Flying with a Toddler

Sun, sea and plenty of… nappies! Alas, holidays are a very different ball game once you have children. Forget your four-inch heels, as they make way for; wooden toy trains, card games, figurines, Plasticine and every other kids toy you can cram into your bag.

Your luggage triples in weight with the sheer volume of products for your child, no matter how early you leave for the airport you’re always late, and then of course there’s the joy of keeping your little one entertained in the air. What could possibly go wrong!

However, there’s a few things that can help ease the anxiety of flying with a child, here’s some top tips to help you out:

 How much milk can you bring on board a flight?
If your little one still drinks milk, be sure to stock up and have extra on you in case your flight is delayed. Each country has its own rules about how much you can bring - London Heathrow is very accommodating, currenly allowing as much as deemed appropriate for your flight. If you’re departing from Terminal 5, you can also pre-order baby food
and collect at Boots which is super handy - but always check before you fly as the rules can often change. Top tip - if your child is a fussy eater, or you're worried about getting them to stick to a routine, bring your own kids bowl and cup on board to bring some familiarity to feeding time.

2.     Pack Spare Clothes
Sure, we all know that it’s wise to pack a spare outfit or two for your child for any accidents, but what about yourself? Mishaps happen, and when they do it’s hard to miss them in the close proximity of a plane, so make sure you’ve got a spare outfit for yourself too.

3.     Sling It
If you’re travelling with a newborn or infant, a good carrier or sling is a great investment. Often at airports you will have to hand over your stroller at the gate, and it’s a mystery as to where you will see it next – sometimes upon landing, sometimes not until the luggage belt. This is when having a baby carrier pays dividends.

4.     Load up the iPad!
When in doubt, it’s great to have some entertainment to fall back on. Flights can often be delayed and children can get bored easily in transit. The BBC iPlayer is free to download with everyone’s favourite programmes on hand to watch, plus – you can never have too much Hey Duggee, right!

5.     The Importance of Play
Children take great comfort in toys, so it goes without saying that it’s wise to pack a few small toys for the flight. Another sneaky trick is to buy a couple of presents for children to wheel out at intervals, keeping them occupied and entertained and you free to enjoy the delicious in-flight meal, yum!

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