Tips for Buying your Baby Buggy

Tips for Buying your Baby Buggy

Preparing for the arrival of your bundle of joy is an exciting and busy time, and there's soooo much to buy. From baby baths to stair gates, from baby weaning products to children's book However, top of the list of items to add to your growing shopping list is a robust ‘transport system’.

One of the biggest (if not the biggest) investment pieces you’ll make, the humble stroller/pram/buggy/transport system is one purchase that’s worth researching over, as you’ll be using it daily for quite some time.

What buggy is best for you?

With so much choice on the market, it's hard to know where to begin. A good place is a visit to your local transport system retailer, where they can demo some of the products on the market, so you get a feel for what suits you best. 

Here’s what to look for when buying a stroller for your baby:

Convertability: Look at how the transport system converts from newborn (flat) to toddler (upright) and test how these different stages work for you.
Adaptability: If you plan to using your car, measure your boot to see if your buggy fits when collapsed. If you’re planning to use public transport more, then how easy is your buggy to push up ramps and if needed, carry upstairs.
Size of wheels: Much like cars (or toy cars as you’re about to discover!) buggies have different wheels for different terrains. Will you be city dwelling or country jogging more? Ask the advisor which they recommend for your environment
Storage space: You never realise how important this is until you’re up and running, but a basket space underneath the buggy will be your new best friend for all those trips up and down the high street. Make sure yours has enough space and is easy to access.
Noise: Thinking ahead to the many times you’ll be pushing your baby around to sleep in their pram, does it offer protection from wind, rain and noise? On that note, does the hood or brakes make a noise that might disrupt your little one?

Functionality: For all those times your child will have a sticky lollipop in their hand or other equally healthy snacks for children! Think about the mess that will be made and how wipe-clean and easy the material is to wash.
Futureproofing: If you plan to have more children, it’s worth asking if the buggy can be adaptable, some versions allow for a buggy board for instance.
World facing: It’s good to have the option of whether your buggy is parent-facing or world-facing for the months ahead.
Parent proof: If you’re a two-parent family, then think about a versatile buggy that works just as well for Mum as it does for Dad. Some buggies on the market are great for smaller individuals, but not always compatible for taller adults, so it’s worth both parents trying it out for good measure.
An expensive time for new families, here’s some handy budget-saving tips to keep those costs down:

  • Transport systems aren’t cheap, look out for great Bargains around Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day
  • Consider pre-loved, but make sure all the safety precautions are in tact and guide books come with it.
  • Sign-up to your favourite brands on social media, and you'll likely to see other bloggers using their products - a great way to check for suitability.
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