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Your Kids Questions on Thomas the Tank Engine Answered!

Your Kids Questions on Thomas the Tank Engine Answered!

If you’ve got a toddler in your life, it’s likely that you’ll have been introduced to Thomas the Tank Engine all over again!

We say all over again, because the sprightly train has been around for 75 years, and most probably was a part of your childhood too.

Whether you have an interest in Thomas, or brushing up for a child, this article covers all the questions kids ask, like: who created Thomas the tank engine, who colour is James,  what train is number 8?

So without further ado, here’s all your pressing Thomas questions answered!

Who created Thomas the Tank Engine?

Thomas & Friends™ is a much-loved character adapted from The Railway Series books by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son Christopher. They were first written in 1943, when Reverend Awdry was trying to entertain his son, suffering with the measles.

Reverend Awdry

Later in 1979, writer Britt Allcroft came across the books and brought them to life through a TV series entitled Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The series continues to be adapted and enjoyed to this day.

How old is Thomas the Tank Engine?

In 2020, Thomas and Friends celebrated their 75th anniversary. This was commemorated with a very special bedtime story by Royal member and dad, Prince Harry, which can be viewed here on YouTube (about 1 minute in) -

 dad Prince harry

Where can I buy Thomas the Tank Engine trains and merchandise?

Thomas & Friends™ merchandise is widely available, including its TrackMaster trains and small version MINIS. These are available from all good toy stores and online, including Amazon.

One of the newest additions, and a must-have Thomas the tank engine gifts for any toddler is the Thomas Plate from Munchy Play. The newly launched collection includes a Thomas, James and Percy version kids’ plate, compatible with all Thomas Trackmaster engines.

Which Thomas & Friendstrain is number 8?

Yes, this is one of the most asked questions around Thomas & Friends! The answer is believed to be an engine called Duck (real name Montague).

What is the best Thomas the Train set for a two-year old?

Good question. For young train fans, the Thomas & Friends™ collection with Mega Bloks is suitable for 1-5 year olds. This includes blocks designed for little hands and often features train tracks to build. Alternatively, the Thomas Train Track Plate from Munchy Play is suitable for children aged six months upward.

Thomas train track plate

What Thomas the Tank Engine toy makes a good gift for a one-year old?

‘My First Thomas’ is a great introduction to the Steam Team, and suitable for ages 12 months and over. It makes a really useful gift for toddlers, and can be found online at Amazon and Argos.

Which Thomas toy is suitable for a three-year old?

Girls and boys universally love Thomas the tank Engine, which always makes a great gift for toddlers. There’s a number of train sets available from Fisher-Price, which you can find online and in good toy stores. In terms of engines, the TrackMaster Motorized trains are very popular, since they can go around the track (battery operated) and really capture imaginations. They are suitable for little drivers aged three and upwards.

Is Percy the green engine?

Correct! Percy is the no.6 green train and one of the junior members of the team. He is also known as the small engine, and is Thomas’ best friend.

Which colour is the James train?

One of the most popular characters, James is the No.5 red engine. He thinks of himself as a really splendid engine!

james train

Who narrates Thomas the train?

Most recently, actor Michael Angelis narrated Thomas the Tank Engine, up until he passed away in 2020. Prior to this, Ringo Starr (of The Beatles) was famously known as the narrator.

Is Thomas the tank engine number 1?

Yes, Thomas the Tank Engine is the No.1 blue steam engine.


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