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Where to find Thomas the Tank Engine Train Memes

Where to find Thomas the Tank Engine Train Memes

Whether you’re entertaining the kids, or looking for something fun to send on to a friend, a Thomas meme is always the answer.

 Memes, also known as a funny clip or image, are often used on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit – a bit like emojis. After all, why use 100 words, when you could just send a picture instead, right?

 Over the years Thomas & Friends™ has captured the imaginations of children of all ages for its touching storylines and cute humour. From ‘bust my buffers’ to ‘fizzling fireboxes’ and that rather catchy theme tune (don’t pretend you haven’t googled the lyrics to Thomas train song), it has coined some really useful lines.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect Thomas the train meme to use, for every occasion, here are five helpful sources where you can find them.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are all great resources for finding shareable content. It’s easy to find too. Simply search the following hashtags: #thomasmeme #thomasandfriends #thomastrainmemes and you’ll see a selection of pre-mades Thomas the train memes to share, just make sure you credit the original source.

TikTok meme's


Yes, while TikTok does come under social media, you can find some original and funny Thomas train memes here that it deserves a shout out all on its own. It’s also a good place to go for amusing remixes of the Thomas train song, check out @jaycee for inspiration.


In recent years, Giphy (giphy.com) has become the go-to for sourcing the latest trending memes for your social circles.

Here you can find animated memes, which work particularly well on social media for sharing. Simply search popular terms like ‘the Thomas train song’ or whatever you’re looking for, and it will bring up a host of clips to use. With 500 million users a day, you’re bound to find something.

Head to WhatsApp

A little known fact, is that you can search and send memes using WhatsApp. Don’t believe us, give this a try…

On a chat go to the bottom right corner and press the + symbol in the left hand corner.


Here it will bring up a couple of options. Click on the one that says ‘photo and video library’. On the next page go to the far left corner and click on ‘gif’. Simply type in your key words, such as ‘Thomas trains’ or ‘funny memes’ and choose from the one you want to use. Ta da, that simple!

Know your Meme

Would you believe there’s a dedicated meme website for all things meme! Knowyourmeme.com has hundreds of different memes in its library for you to choose from. As with the other sources, just type in your theme and you’re good to go.

So there you have it, five helpful sources for finding Thomas memes to share with friends and bring a smile to someone’s day. We hope you’ve found this really useful!

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