What is the Home Edit (and why do you need it in your life!)

What is the Home Edit (and why do you need it in your life!)

What is the Home Edit (and why do you need it in your life!)

What is the home edit method?🌈

In case you’ve been living under a lockdown rock, the home edit is the biggest trend in home living right now. Simply put, it invites you to organise your life by colour in the order of the rainbow. Yes, that really is it.


Simple, accessible and visually seductive, it’s easy to see why the home edit Netflix show is such a breakout hit. Especially as we’ve all been spending WAY too much time in our homes lately.

Founded by friends Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the duo have sexed up tidying up, and made it into an art form in itself.

Helped along by it’s a-list fanbase, The Home Edit Netflix show features all your favourite celebs, including Reese Withershpoon and Khloe Kardashian. Spoiler alert: their closets are the size of most normal houses!

Described as ‘smart, sustainable and beautiful’ the organisational gurus introduce you to a new way to order the things in your life, yes even your kids plastic plates. If you’re a stickler for systems or order, it’s definitely one for you.

How to home edit your life 🌈

Ok, so where to begin? Well, first of all, you need to follow the Home Edit on their Instagram at @thehomeedit. It’s full of inspiring ways of organising your life in an aesthetically pleasing way.

You can go one step further and buy their book on Amazon ‘The Home Edit Life’, and definitely watch the home edit TV Show on Netflix now.

Next, you’ll want to invest in some transparent buckets, boxes. and containers, to help you coordinate your items. You might have some doubts that your items are colourful enough. Once you start ordering, you’ll realise just how bright and beautiful your house could be, plus it’s a good opportunity for a bit of a spring clean.


Since the home edit system can be applied to every area of your house and life, you can start small and work room by room.

It can be applied in your kitchen from the way you organise your kids plates and toddler dishes, to the layout of your wardrobe, and make-up. That’s what’s so great about the system – it’s versatile.

🌈 The mini home edit for kids' plates...🌈

Home editing your children’s items is a good place to start, their recent video is definitely worth for inspiration.

Children’s wardrobes look stunning when organised by colour, as do their crayons and pens. And much like we advocate bringing fun to dining, the same  principle applies to cleaning up. Injecting an element of fun is a great way to get the kids putting their items away in an orderly fashion.


Above is our attempt at home editing kids tableware items. The home edit kitchen is a satisfying place to start. Initially you worry that items will be spread out and hard to find. But when you start to think about it, it’s even easier with everything in one place. You don’t need to open five cupboards, when everything is stored in one place for dining. Kinda handy huh?

So that’s the home edit principle taking over the world, one happy rainbow at a time!

Have you been converted to the home edit way? Let us know your thoughts. 🌈 Finally, be sure to check out our shop of colourful bright kids' plates!