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Four lessons that Thomas the Tank Engine taught us!

Toot toot, he’s your lovable friend that you can’t put down. If your child has the Thomas and Friends train set, the pyjamas, the toothbrush, the school bag, the books, the toddler plate and so on, well done you’re a bona fide parent to an infant. Congrats!

Thomas the Tank Engine is much-loved by parents and grandparents with good reason. Behind his friendly face are lovely messages that early years children can understand and relate to.

Here’s four times Thomas and Friends taught us something valuable…

Believe in yourself
In the film Thomas and the Great Race, our favourite engine is desperate to take part in the Great Race Show but suffers numerous setbacks, with people telling him that he’s just not good enough or too small. Shame on them. The resilient machine shows us that no matter what adversity he faces, he never gives up and as a result, makes it on to the show. Go Thomas!

In most episodes of Thomas, we see a general theme of friendship. From helping and supporting others, to standing up for your friends. There's even an episdoe dedicated to 'A friend in need' which is full of encouragement. If you don't believe us, just watch your little one play with their Thomas toy train, it's adorable.
The other F word! Thomas and friends manage to use colourful language, in the best sense of the phrase! Instead of getting angry, they use fun words to share their emotion, some of the best lines include ‘Fizzling Fireboxes’ and ‘Bust my buffers’. These fun words invite children to ask what they are and expand their vocabulary.
Don’t be Cranky!
It’s not just Thomas of course. In the book ‘Cranky’ by Thomas and Friends, we learn that Cranky the Crane gets nowhere by being a meanie. He takes great pleasure in playing tricks on Percy and Thomas, but in the end, comes unstuck when he needs their help.
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