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How Train Plates can Help Fussy Eaters

Our kids' plates were designed by a Mum to help make mealtimes more fun and less of a battlefield. With half of all parents identifying their toddler and pre-schooler as picky eaters, this makes for hungry reading...

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Ten of the Best Kids TV Programmes for Rainy Days Indoors and Lockdowns

What a year it has been. Have you ever spent so much time at home? Sure, things are fine when it's not lockdown and the weather is nice, but when blue skies turn grey, it's time to head inward for some good old fashioned TV!

And here's ten shows to check out for all the fam to enjoy:

If you're stuck indoors while it pours outside, here's a few top picks for children's entertainment, always firm favourites with little ones. So grab your kids bowl and fill it up with popcorn, we're in for a long night!

Peppa Pig
Who doesn’t love a bit of Peppa Pig. Now you can enjoy her escapades at any time of day,  with episodes including ‘Teddy’s Day out’ and ‘The Time Capsule’ to look forward to, with the bleating sounds of Brian Blessed! Our favourite Peppa Pig, Miss Rabbit is also very relatable!

Paw Patrol
Be there on the double with this huge hit that boys and girls love. From rescuing sea turtles to rescuing Cap’n Turbot’s boat – the pups are rather helpful little chaps with a catchy theme tune! When in doubt for a toddler gift, a Paw Patrol toy is always the answer!
Masha and the Bear
This much-loved cartoon has minimal dialogue allowing children to take in the great storyline, told by Masha and her beloved bear. Always lots of mischief and mishaps, this is an international hit.
Barbie – Life in the Dreamhouse
Don’t be fooled to think that Barbie is a) just for girls or b) just for kids. This series is peppered with in-jokes that only parents will get (like how old is she!) and has broad appeal to both girls and boys. Ken is perfectly pitched as the ‘lucky’ boyfriend for his successful without being saccharine Barbie!
As far as cool things go, Pocoyo is pretty rad! Narrated by Steven Fry, this simple cartoon captures the hearts of little kids – and is ideal for the very young, who will smile along at the simple dialogue and cute characters.
Dora the Explorer
Dora and her friends are on hand to take you into a world of adventures. Lighthearted and cute Dora is a mega hit the world over.
Boj is a fun-loving bibly from the Australian outback who just loves to sing. Grown up’s have been known to nod along to some of the songs by Jason Donovan too!
SpongeBob Squarepants
This brilliantly funny cartoon will have you craving a ‘crabby Pattie’ in no time. The right side of being funny, without being too inappropriate, it’s a child’s cartoon that you won’t mind watching, with loveable characters including Gary the snail!
The Storybots
With their r-o-b-o-t-i-c voices you will be either annoyed or mesmerised! But that doesn’t matter because your kid will love learning new things on the educational journey it takes them on.
Super Monsters
Super scary (for those that frighten easily), it’s like Halloween every day with these cute little crusaders with special powers.

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Perfect Picnic Spots in the UK for Families

The UK has no end of picturesque beauty spots dotted throughout the land. All you need is a picnic blanket, some strawberries and fizz, and of course your kids plastic picnic plates and you're good to go!

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The Best Kids' Menus for Kids in Liverpool

When it comes to dining out in Liverpool, kids are spoilt for choice with more attention being paid to menus than ever before. This bodes well for family meals out, especially for the many of us with fussy eaters. There’s plenty of fab family-friendly restaurants in the city, here's a few for inspiration...

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Why Peppa Pig Miss Rabbit is our Hero!

Peppa Pig is a hit with kids and parents alike, but there's one star of the show we could all learn from. Peppa Pig Miss Rabbit is our hero, as a busy working mum, here's the lowdown...

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