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Six timeless toys for children and preschoolers

One of the great joys of being a parent is being able to relive your youth with much-loved kids toys you might have forgotten about.
Still loved by the current generation, here’s a list of five classic toys and books that never go out of fashion.
Whether you’re after inspiration for timeless kids gift ideas, looking for cool things, or just crave a touch of nostalgia, you’ll want to read on...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book
It’s astonishing to think that this book was first published in 1969 as it is still a much-loved toddler book. It is still as relevant and enjoyed today as it was all those years ago. The children’s picture book by Eric Carle tells the story of a small caterpillar who munches his way through all kinds of foods and treats, before taking a rest and transforming into a caterpillar.
You may be forgiven for thinking these are the newest kids cool toy. Think again, this bright haired beasts are from way back in the 50s. Reimagined for a new generation, Trolls are a timeless toy that is sure to stick about.
The Fisher Price Chatter Phone
Ring ring, the sixties are calling – they want their old phone back! It’s scary to think that this generation might be the first to grow up without a landline. Yet, the old-fashioned dial phone doesn’t lose any of its appeal with its pull string and cute smiley face. A particular favourite childrens toy that can be played with Grandparents alike!
Mr Potato Head
There he is smiling back at you… with his lips coming out of his ears and nose where his hands should be! The classic Mr Potato Head goes back to 1949, perhaps they used actual potatoes then! Today the Potato Head family is still as loved by four-year old’s as it was back in the 1940s, in no small way thanks to his cameo in everyone’s favourite animated movie – Toy Story!
It might be as old as your grandparents, but at 85 year’s young, Lego is still as fresh and fun today as it was all those years ago. Build it, break it and make it again – great fun to keep idle hands entertained as well as promoting creative play and fine motor skills.
Etch a Sketch
Today kids have iPads, but back in the day we had etch-a-sketches, the fun tablet size toy that lets you squiggle a picture, then clear it and start all over again. Coming to think of it, there's probably an App for that!

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