Saving For Kids Christmas Gifts in June - 200 days to go!

Saving For Kids Christmas Gifts in June - 200 days to go!

Saving For Kids Christmas Gifts in June - 200 days to go!

It seems that Christmas gets earlier every year, so it’s understandable that thinking about the festive season in June might seem a little cray cray! However, stick with us on this one, because it’s a parent hack you need to know

Christmas is undoubtedly the most expensive time of year, with gift-giving, Santa’s haul, and a banquet of food to factor in. The pressure and stress this puts on parents can be extremely challenging, especially during a cost of living crisis. Although the average parent spends £420 on their children at Christmas (according to UK Fundraising), there are some smart ways to spread the cost, or to make sizeable savings. Which is why saving for Christmas 2023 early can be a great way to be financially prepared and ready for the months ahead.

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Why to start saving for Christmas 2023 now?

First of all, it’s never too soon to start planning for Christmas. From summertime, we receive lots of comments from customers about buying our kids’ plates in readiness for Christmas.

Whether you stock up on discounted Christmas cards in the January sales, look for bargains throughout the year, or have a Christmas savings card or account, a touch of forward planning can go a long way, as our christmas savings calculator below outlines.

Our Christmas Savings Calculator

With 200 days to go until Christmas, there are officially 28 weekends to go until the big day. Using our Christmas savings calculator below, this reveals that if you set aside £16 a week (or buy a gift every weekend between now and Christmas for this value), you’ll meet a target of £420 by Christmas. Just remember that 16/17 December is the last weekend before Christmas, and the last post tends to be around 19th December for online shopping.


Using this calculator you can create a weekly savings plan specifically for Christmas gifts. Choose an amount you can comfortably set aside each week and stick to it. Consider automating your savings by setting up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a dedicated savings account. This consistent effort will gradually accumulate funds, providing you with a substantial amount by December. Additionally, consider opening a dedicated Christmas savings account that offers competitive interest rates, helping your money grow over time.

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Here are some other ways to make savings for Christmas gifts for kids.

Create an Amazon Wish List

To make gift shopping more convenient for your loved ones, you can create an Amazon wish list. This allows you to compile a list of items you desire, making it easier for friends and family to choose presents for you. On the other hand, if you want to find someone's Amazon wish list, you can search for it by name. Simply go to the Amazon website, click on the "Wish List" tab, and enter the person's name in the search bar. From there, you can view and purchase items from their wish list. As an added bonus, our bestselling Thomas Train Plate and Hot Wheels Tableware can be found on Amazon. Learn more about how to create an Amazon Wish List and its benefits today.

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Scour Charity Shops

We were recently inspired by a post from @7under11 on Instagram about starting Christmas shopping early to create a haul in 29 weeks. Additionally, Emily offers this sage advice when it comes to getting thrifty: “Always buy items with longevity…. Try charity shops in fancy towns. Fancy people donate better stuff.”

Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales

Many of the big retailers have summer sales, which provide a great opportunity to bag a bargain. Now is the time to keep an eye out for special promotions, clearance sales, and discount events throughout the year. Consider purchasing gifts during sales and store them away until Christmas. Additionally, explore online marketplaces, such as Amazon, which often offer deals and discounts on a wide range of products.

Another top tip is to look out for cost-saving bundle offers, or other perks - for instance, we offer customers free shipping worth over £3.30 when they spend more than £35 - which makes it worth buying two kids' plates instead of one.

Cash in your Points

If you’re busying collected Tesco Club card points or Nectar points, take note that these can be widely used to make savings and discounts. Be sure to link all you’re accounts (ebay, Esso, etc), and register for as many loyalty clubs in advance to make the most of these. Nectar for instance can be collected in over 350 different places and used on toys, food and much more in many shops including Sainsburys and Argos.

Swap and Save

Drive less, cut back on coffee, or put that unused membership on hold. If you can find a way to claw back some money every month and put it aside in an account or piggyback for December, you’ll thank your future self! Start today and you can save hundreds, here’s some inspiration.

Start in June and have this in your back pocket by 17 December:

  • Drink one less take-away coffee a week (£3.55) and save £383.40 by Christmas
  • Swap soft play for the park once a month (£15.50 for adult and child) and save £418.50 by Christmas
  • Buy a second-hand top from the charity shop once a month, instead of brand new (save £10) – save £270 by Christmas
  • Over the summer, buy a 4-pack of Cornetto’s instead of visiting the ice-cream van every week, and save £30 towards Christmas Rent a kids’ film from your local library once a month (£1), instead of visiting the cinema (£16 for parent + child) and gain £105 by Christmas
A final thought By starting to save money for Christmas gifts in June and following a weekly savings plan, you ease the financial burden of Christmas and still have it all!
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