Tips for Going to Restaurant with a Picky Eater Kid

Tips for Going to Restaurant with a Picky Eater Kid

Tips for Going to Restaurant with a Picky Eater Kid

Ask any parent what they miss most about their former lives, and they’ll likely tell you it was eating out in nice restaurants. Instead, parents of young children today, have no such luxury… or do they?

Some of the top restaurants in the UK are family-friendly, many others are welcoming of children before 7pm. If you’re reluctant to go because of your child’s picky eating, there’s help at hand!

If you're wondering how to dine out with a fussy eater child in a restaurant, here are six survival tips for parents.

  • Involve your child

Picky eating often coincides with toddlers finding their independence. Help your child to feel in control, by involving them in the decision making. Give them their own menu, ask them to choose from the foods available – let them have some control, you might find they respond better to this.

  • Make it fun

The best way to bring kids to the table and keep them there, is to make mealtimes fun. Munchy Play kids’ plates feature a built-in track for cars and trains – the perfect choice for a stress-free family meal out. Don’t forget to bring your favourite kids’ plate with you, and enjoy five minutes peace – no more wolfing down your meal at super speed!

kids plate

  • Lead by example

Children tend to copy behaviour. So, if you aren’t willing to eat sprouts, spinach or broccoli yourself, then don’t expect your child to either!

  • Let kids experiment

Little kids especially like finger foods and using their hands to eat with. Let them experiment with lots of different tastes and textures – yes, even out in a restaurant.

  • Bring lots of entertainment

There’s no shame at bringing your own colouring in pads, toys or favourite kids’ plate to a restaurant with you, especially if it wll encourage your child to the table.

  • Let them have ice-cream!

Meals out are special occasions. While you might not usually let them load up on sugar before bedtime at home, make your meal out an occasion to look forward to with a little treat at the end. Go on, you might as well order the sticky toffee pudding for yourself too – rude not to!

If you have a fussy eater toddler or want to learn more about Munchy Play and the new Thomas & Friends ™  Train Track Plate collection, please check out our blog here >>