Quick Recipes for Hungry Toddlers After Nursery

Quick Recipes for Hungry Toddlers After Nursery

Quick Recipes for Hungry Toddlers After Nursery

As any parent with a little one in nursery or childcare knows, kids can come home peckish. Sometimes their evening snack doesn't suffice, other times they are going through a growth spurt, or maybe your little picky eater didn't like the menu, fair enough!

Whatever the reason, a light snack in between coming home and going to bed is not uncommon.

Cooking up treats doesn’t have to take too much time or technique. If you want clear kids plates all-round then here’s five easy recipes for post nursery nibbles....

Scrambled Egg on Toast
You will need one egg, some grated cheese, a spoonful of milk and butter. If you want to spruce it up, add some chopped peppers, ham and mushrooms. To add flavour some dried Italian herbs offer a good alternative to salt.

Whisk eggs, butter, milk and cheese and pour in to a hot pan. If you’re adding the extra toppings throw them in now.Fry until cooked through ensuring the consistency is firm and not runny. Serve with buttered toast. This takes minutes to make, is packed with protein and is always a hit!

Avocado and Banana
A real hit from the weaning stage, the surprising combination of avocado and banana provides a delicious and nutritious filling snack.

Simply mash a banana and ripe avocado together, for the perfect treat. Great on toast, bagels or served on your favourite children’s tableware.

Carrot Soldiers
They’re not carrots… their carrot soldiers marching up the hill and jumping in to a pool of creamy hummus! Indeed, it’s all about inspiring imaginations. Take it one step further and serve on our Munchy Play Tea Party childs plate for the ultimate food-fest of fun! Hummus provides a slow release of energy, so is a great snack for a healthy filling up.

Creamy Mango Smoothie
When time is of the essence there’s only three things you need to do for the ultimate smoothie; peel, chop, liquidise. Ta Da! For a super-charged and super-healthy and filling treat, combine a banana, mango and pear and blend away. Delightful and smooth, you can even add a small yoghurt to the mix to make it even more easy to swallow. Get yourself a straw and get stuck in.

Wiggly Worms
Bring some fun to mealtimes with a wholesome dish of wiggly worms – aka, noodles! You can avoid the high salt content in some of the shop bought items, by investing in dry fine noodles and a low-salt chicken stock cube. Boil together with peas and sweetcorn, and in less than five minutes you’ve got a delicious and fun meal, served in feeding bowls for babies.

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