What to make with leftover pumpkin? Pumpkin soup of course!

What to make with leftover pumpkin? Pumpkin soup of course!

What to make with leftover pumpkin? Pumpkin soup of course!

If anything good has come from lockdown living, it’s an appreciation for the things we may have taken for granted. Like being more mindful of food and uncessary waste.

So, with it being prime pumpkin season, here's what you can do with your leftover pumpkin whilst making a scrummy soup that will ensure the kids dinner plates are clean!

  • If you’re looking for pumpkin recipes that the little ones (and fussy eaters) will love, then check out our easy pumpkin soup dish below, delicious with crispy homemade croutons.
  • What is a good pumpkin soup recipe for kids?

  • A good pumpkin soup is one that is smooth and morerish, and brings kids back to the table for more.

    Pumpkin and carrot are a great combination, and make a wonderful pairing for pumpkin soup. If you’re feeling adventurous you can include some ginger, tumeric and garlic for all the flavour - you know your child best, so season accordingly.

    Feel free to add your own spices or ingredients to the dish too. The great thing with pumpkin recipes is that they make a wonderful foundation for you to add your favourite bits to.

  • Can I eat all types of pumpkins?

    • But first, a quick note when it comes to pumpkin picking. Be warned, carving pumpkins are not always the most enjoyable to eat, so where possible, it’s better to opt for ‘cooking pumpkins’.

      Don’t forget this is a pretty versatile vegetable – you can eat all of it except for the stalk. Yes, techinically you can eat the skin, but most people don't find it appetising.

      Yes, the pumpkin seeds can be eaten too. Once scooped out (and piled onto your toddler plate), give them a good wash, then place them in boiling salted water. Drain, rinse and dry them out before putting them in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Cover them in olive oil and your favourite seasoning for a punchy kick.

      These are great added to pumpkin soup (for adults rather than kids).

  • Mummas Favourite Pumpkin Recipe

  • Ingredients
    • Onion - chopped
    • Minced garlic (if you haven't discovered frozen garlic, now’s the time!)
    • Cooking pumpkin, cut into cubes
    • 6-7 carrots cubed
    • Seasoning
      • Stock
      • 2 tablespoons of cream
      • Optional -  pumpkin seeds (check child's age for suitability)
      • Optional - croutons
    • Carrot and pumpkin soup is quick and easy to make. Get your kids involved in the prep - it’s one of our favourite ways for getting fussy eaters to the table!
    • Method
      There’s many different ways to make carrot and pumpkin soup. You can fry, boil or oven roast the vegetables, it produces the same result. For this recipe, we've gone for a bit of both.

      1.    Boil the stock and add the chopped carrots for around 25 minutes
      2.  In the meantime, fry the onion, garlic and chopped pumpkin until they start to cook and the onion translucent. Once you start to smell the flavours, add your herbs of preference and simmer
      3.    Add the cream to the onion and pumpkin mix, blend and set to one side
      4.   Next in the blender add the boiled carrot with a few spoonful’s of the stock. You don’t want to add too much as it’s better to start thick and add more stock as you go along to fit the perfect consistency for you. Pumpkin and carrot soup is best enjoyed smooth and creamy – but adjust to your child’s preference.
      5. Add the blended carrot with the blended pumpkin mix - add more stock if necessary
      6.    To make croutons, simply dip stale bread in olive oil and fry
      7.    Serve the pumpkin soup in your best toddler plate and bowls with croutons on the side (and pumpkin seeds if suitable for your child’s age).

    •  We used the Vroom-Vroom plate to take dining up a gear!

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