The Best Kids' Plates for Fussy Eaters

The Best Kids' Plates for Fussy Eaters

Parenting, it might just be the hardest job in the world. With all that cleaning, ironing, cooking, washing kids plates and clothes, it can be no surprise that many refer to it as a ‘full time job’.

Of all the work a parent undertakes, however, cooking for fussy eaters is one of the toughest demands.

Slaving away over breakfast, lunch and dinner, only for your toddler dinner plate to be turned away, is one of life’s great frustrations. Until now…

Making mealtimes fun
Good news then for tired parents – picky eaters can rejoice with a range of children’s plates designed to make mealtimes fun.
That’s right, a range of fun children’s tableware has launched into the market, to bring the fun back to mealtimes!
Here’s the best kids plates for fussy eaters

Choo-Choo Plate: All your childhood dreams come true with this children’s plate featuring a built-in train track. Meals instantly transform into fun journeys, as little ones take a trip around their meal, with a train track circling their food.

Vroom-Vroom Plate: Great for fussy eaters, or just children who have a fondness for cars. This racetrack inspired plate will ‘rev up’ mealtimes with its cool racing track framing the plate. Zoom cars around meals and get stuck in, it’s ideal for car-loving youngsters

Tea Party Plate: There’s a teddy bear picnic and everyone’s invited! This picnic kids plate is designed with a track around the plate rim, with place settings for friends. Invite buddies, toys, or figurines, and you’ll never dine alone again!

Each of the kid’s plates is illustrated with playful designs from artist Lydia Leith. Proudly made in Britain, the children’s tableware is made to a high standard.
Tips for Dealing with Fussy Eaters
Fussy eating is a common complaint with parents. But there’s a couple of tips that can help make mealtimes less of a battlefield, as follows:

  • Invest in a fun toddler dish or kids' plate, that invites children to the table,
  • Serve smaller portions – don’t overwhelm your child with choices
  • Get little ones involved in the cooking process – ask them to pick out foods, or stir pasta sauce (all under supervision)
  • Sit down for a family meal – this is a great way of encouraging kids to eat
  • Make food fun – cut foods up into fun shapes, use condiments to add a touch of colour. There’s even some funny egg moulds you can buy to make breakfast more appealing.
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