Simplified Parenting: Time-Saving Parent Hacks for Toddlers

Simplified Parenting: Time-Saving Parent Hacks for Toddlers

Simplified Parenting: Time-Saving Parent Hacks for Toddlers

Parenting is a journey filled with love, laughter, and quite often, a whole lot of chaos! For tired mums and dads, learning how to make parenting easier is essential. To that end time-saving hacks can be a Godsend, helping to navigate the day-to-day, whilst keeping their sanity in check. With broken sleep, troublesome toddlers and the joys of growth spurts, teething and potty training thrown in, no wonder they call the first few years the most challenging.

Which is why every parent needs to be aware of these game-changing parent hacks to save time and problems and simplify your parenting journey. Whether you're a new parent or a working mum or dad, these tips will help you streamline your daily routines, leaving you more time to catch up with Netflix! So, let's dive into the world of simplified parenting and discover some parent hacks for toddlers and busy parents.

1. Get into Morning Routines:

Mornings can be hectic for sure! This is especially true when you're trying to get everyone ready and out the door on time, whilst holding down a job too. Start by prepping the night before—lay out clothes, pack bags, and prepare breakfast in advance. Involve your child in simple tasks like choosing their outfit, making them feel responsible and easing the morning rush. Nursery bags can be packed early and strollers thrown in the car to give you a head star.

2. Meal Prep:

Yes, it’s boring but a little forward planning can save you a lot of time in the long run. After all, meal planning can save time, money, and stress. Spend some time each week creating a meal plan and grocery list. Look for quick kids recipes that are nutritious and easy to prepare, there’s plenty of parenting hacks for babies and mealtime inspiration on our Instagram page (@munchyplay) - we always love pointing parents in the direction of other great mum and dad chefs to follow (scan the barcode to see).


3. Embrace Technology:

There are predictable times in your tot’s life when they are going through ‘fussy stages’, whether it’s picky eating or not sleeping. There are some great apps (like The Wonder Years App) that help to predict difficult times and prepare you for how long it may last. There are many other tech apps and tools that can support with other areas too, from tracking feeding and sleep, to milestone charting and entertaining kids at nighttime. For instance, if your child is a big fan of Thomas & Friends, there’s a Calm podcast you might want to check out.

4. Mealtime Hacks:

Speaking of Thomas & Friends, one mum has tapped into this to revolutionise mealtimes. If you haven’t heard of Munchy Play kids’ plates, let us enlighten you! Designed by a mum to make dining an enjoyable experience for everyone, these fun kids’ plates feature a built-in track, getting kids excited about dining. A whopping 97% of parents say they make mealtimes better. That’s because play taps into toddler’s enjoyment and makes meals more engaging while fostering their imagination, making it one of the top parent hacks for toddlers.

5. Get a digital calendar:

It’s hard to know if you’re coming and going sometimes. With busy lives, a digital calendar or whiteboard is a great way to keep track of everyone's schedules, appointments, and important events. This way, everyone is on the same page, reducing confusion and last-minute surprises, it's one of the most common parenting hacks for babies.

6. Establish a Routine:

Children thrive on routine. Set up consistent daily routines for mealtime, playtime, and bedtime. A predictable routine helps children feel secure and enables parents to plan their day more efficiently. Incorporate small rituals like reading a bedtime story or having a family game night to create lasting memories.

7. Simplify the Toy Situation:

Toys can quickly take over your home. Regularly declutter and organize your child's toys, keeping only the ones they actively play with. Invest in storage solutions that make tidying up quick and hassle-free. And if you haven’t already heard of the top parent hacks for toddlers - the  ‘Toy 20 Rule’ - read here to find out more and help prevent toy burnout and toy overload.

8. Foster Independence:

Toddlers are eager to assert their independence. Encourage their autonomy by offering simple choices throughout the day. For example, let them choose between two outfit options or allow them to choose which kids’ plate they want for tea - Thomas or the Hot Wheels plate for instance. Giving your toddler the opportunity to make decisions within a controlled framework, helps promote their sense of self-confidence and ownership. This can also help minimise power struggles that the toddler years are known for.

We hope you've found these eight simple toddler hack for girls and boys useful. We'd love to know what useful of funny parent hacks have helped you. Follow our parent hacks blog for more inspiration.

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