Meet the Illustrator of our toddler plates - Lydia Leith - Munchy Play

Meet the Illustrator of our toddler plates - Lydia Leith

Meet the Illustrator of our toddler plates - Lydia Leith

Lydia Leith is a name you might know, and if you don't then you'll definitely be glad you read on.

The British artist and illustrator shot to fame with her coveted ‘Royal Sick Bags’ in 2011, and has since seen her work featured in exhibitions, in ceramics and even tattoos!

Her distinctive style and personality has earnt her commissions from major brands, as well as being shortlisted for Design Week’s ‘Rising Star Award’ two years’ in a row.

Recently, Lydia has been turning her hand to illustrating children’s plates…. Munchy Play® plates no less! Here we catch up with the designer, and learn more about her work.

Q: How do you describe your style?
I enjoy working with colours, my designs are often quite bold and simple. I like to create something fun, eye catching or playful, that might provoke a reaction or make the viewer smile.


Q: How did you create a ‘playful’ look for the Munchy Play® collection of kids’ plates?
I worked closely with Munchy Play to create designs that would appeal to a younger audience as well as parents. Testing the designs on children was a good indicator. We started with a strong colour theme and wove this through the different plate ranges. The plates are really fun and interactive so it’s a really exciting project to have worked on. 

Q: Why do you think children like bright colours?

Q: And we have to ask, do you have a favourite plate in the range?!
All the designs are fun in their own ways, personally I love the Tea Party Plate. However, I can see myself getting quite into playing with a train on the Choo-Choo Kids’ Plate, so that is a close second! 

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