Talking #Mumlife with Louise Pentland

Talking #Mumlife with Louise Pentland

In the latest in our series of interviews with inspiring female talent, we speak to best-selling author and TV personality Louise Pentland.

The Northampton local, lives with her fiance and daughters Darcy and Pearl (9 and 2).

Louise Pentland is a name you will know.

You follow her glossy lifestyle on Insta, you swoon at her enviable perfectly coiffed curls in pictures, and love catching up with the goss on her YouTube channel. What more could you want?
How about a book!? Well, good news. The Sunday Times bestselling author has just released 'MumLife' an honest, hilarious and heart-warming account of motherhood from the front line.

In this exclusive interview, we catch up with Louise to find out more....

Q: What inspired you to write this now?

There are a few reasons behind my decision to write this book now.

I feel I’ve finally reached a place of happiness and safety and have been able to look my life full in the face, lay bare my childhood and really think about what motherhood and indeed womanhood means to me.

I had a difficult and traumatic childhood, and there have been times where I’ve struggled to cope as an adult because of it.

  • Writing MumLife was a hard process, but I wrote it to encourage others to be resilient and reassure them that they are never alone. I’ve included the details of amazing charities like Childline and the NSPCC whom I strongly advocate for in the book, and if I can reach and help just one person going through what I went through, then writing this book has been fully worth it.
  • Q: How do you juggle motherhood with managing your personal brand and working?

  • Believe me, the juggle struggle is real! 99% of the time I'm winging it! I make a LOT of lists (don't always tick everything off) and I've put systems in place to help things work. One of those is having good childcare. Darcy is in school full time (when we're not in these strange 2020 times) and Pearl has a Nanny 4 days a week. I try to squeeze writing, filming and editing into the times they are at school or with the Nanny and then I can be a happy mummy when I have them. There's no shame in accepting you need help and accepting it - it takes a village.
  • Q: You’ve openly expressed your concerns around your daughter using electronic devices, what are your tips for other parents?

    • Lockdown has certainly relaxed my views on electronic devices that’s for sure! I think it’s all about balance. When lockdown started, all of a sudden we were supposed to be a teachers, workers and parent at the same time, so I definitely took advantage of some of the brilliant educational and fun apps and TV programmes out there to help me. But if screen time is taking over, I would recommend bringing it back to basics – build forts out of bed sheets, do a treasure hunt round the garden or whip the arts and crafts out. The kids will find a sense of accomplishment and you all have a chance to tap into your creativity – win win!
  • Q: What’s your favourite fuss-free meal to rustle up for Darcy?

  • Two words for you- Pesto. Pasta. It's what dreams are made of.
  • Q: Where do you stand on making mealtimes fun?

  • It's no secret that I'm not a great cook but I do like to have fun in the kitchen. The girls know I try my best and are used to my foodie fails. We laugh at them and if all else fails, there's food delivery haha!

  • Q: What advice do you have for other mummy bloggers out there?

  • The most important thing for any blogger or influencer is just to be authentic. Don’t try to emulate anyone else or sugarcoat what you’re writing about – people will see right through it and ultimately, it means you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Work out what you are passionate about and what you love sharing and then build content around that. Remember why you started and have fun!

  • Get your copy of MumLife on Amazon now, starting from £6.99, in aid of NSPCC.