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32 Lockdown Birthday Ideas for Toddlers

32 Lockdown Birthday Ideas for Toddlers

Celebrating a lockdown children’s party is still very possible in 2022, even with the easing of restrictions. With some forward-planning and touch of creativity, your toddler birthday party will be one to remember!

We’ve scoured the web, chatted to parents, and researched the market, to bring you 32 birthday celebration ideas for lockdown kids parties whether you're looking for something low key or due to covid restrictions. Better still, most of these ideas are cost effective and easy to do. So, if you're wondering what to do for a lockdown birthday party be sure to read on. There's 32 original and inspiring ockdown birthday ideas for toddlers...

Toddler party in lockdown

But first, wondering how to have a lockdown birthday party? Here’s five top tips for you...

  • Choose a theme

Before you even blow up a balloon or start writing your Amazon Wish List, have a think about the characters or activities your child is into. Be it Disney Frozen or Thomas & Friends, or Tea Parties. Once you have a theme, everything else will fall into place.

  • Plan two or three activities

The days are definitely long. So break up the fun with two or three different activities or birthday party games during your lockdown party. You don’t need to have a full-on schedule, just a couple of activities dotted throughout the day.

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  • Party food

Serve food in Munchy Play plates – it’s a great way to bring fun to your kids party, especially if your toddler loves cars and trains! Party food is always the highlight of a kids party, so stock up on all the favourites; jelly and ice-cream, finger sandwiches, cake-pops, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, super sausage rolls, the list continues. There’s plenty of mouth-watering ideas on BBC Good Food.

(Munchy Play kids plates)

  • Create a WOW moment

The good news is that children are easily impressed! An empty box, sparkles, wrapping paper… you get the picture. Nonetheless, you’ll want to create a ‘wow’ moment, especially for that treasured family photo album. Think a giant balloon with their age on ir, or a huge piñata, or perhaps Dad, it’s time to invest in that fancy dress ‘Baby Shark’ outfit for a guest appearance! For one precious moment and much-treasured photo-opportunity, it’s worth it.

  • Connect with loved ones

Finally, when you're wondering what do to for child's birthday in lockdown - look no further than your nearest and dearest, with a helping hand from tech. Zoom is a great way to organise group celebrations with your child’s friends, whilst grandparents might be more au-fait with FaceTime.

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32 Lockdown Birthday Ideas

Ready to get going? Here's 32 fab ideas for you, or if you're in a hurry, just scroll to the end to watch the video....

1. Host a kitchen disco

Aint no party like a kitchen party, and who else better to host it than the Queen of home disco...Sophie Ellis Bextor. Fire up her tunes, put on your dancing shoes, and let the good times roll!

2. Plan a Piñata

This Mexican tradition has gone mainstream’ of late, widely regarded as the new ‘pin the tail on the donkey’. One bash and you’ll see why! It’s one of the most fun birthday party games during lockdown. Sure, you can make your own piñata, but equally so many high-street shops and supermarkets sell them.

lockdown birthday ideas for kids

3. Hire a magician

You may think that lockdown birthday party ideas are confined to your home… however, thanks to the wonder of the web, you can now book magicians, party entertainers and even princesses online for a one-on-one appearance. Prices start from £20 for 20-minute package, which includes plenty of hands-on tricks for your child to get involved with. Money well spent…

4. Time for a treasure hunt

Fact – kids LOVE treasure hunts. Which is handy, since they’re easy peasy to do. Just leave some clues around the house and a little birthday treat for them to find.

5. Dress the House

Bunting, balloons, party poppers… it’s time to go BIG or go home. Oh you are home, well it’s time to go BIG then!

lockdown birthday ideas for kids

6. All about the Zoom

If your little one is missing their friends from nursery or school, then a surprise Zoom party is a touching way to bring them together. We all know how chaotic group zooms can be, so you may choose to keep it to a select few, and that’s ok too.

7. The Masked Singer

Wondering 'what can I do for a lockdown birthday that will make it extra special'? We've got just the thing. If you’re into The Masked Singer, you’ll know just how much little ones love it. Want to give them the surprise of their life? Why not get some family members to sing behind a mask and get your child to guess who’s behind it.

8.Throw a talent show

Or, if your child is more unmasked than masked singer, try an X-Factor talent show. All you need is a microphone, some tunes and an opinionated judging panel! Lucky Voice has a great ready-made pack for home-singing.

9. Host a Netflix party

The ‘Teleparty’ is the big trend to come out of the UK’s coronavirus lockdown.

Get your child’s friends together and have a movie-night virtually. You just need a Netflix subscription and Google Chrome, then log onto netflixparty.com to get the party started! (Ps; here’s some child-friendly movies for you - Pets United, Ugly Dolls, Early Man, Trolls and Rise of the Guardians).

10. Go BIG on the cake

It’s the highlight of any lockdown toddler birthday, after all, who doesn’t love cake! If you’re looking to make it yourself, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for kids parties. For a real show-stopper, The Hummingbird Bakery, Lola’s Cupcakes (pictured below on our Thomas Train plate) and Cutter & Squidge have a mouth-watering selection to ogle over.

The big cake must-have at the moment is film inspired toppers – everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to Trolls World Tour.

11.  Charades

The perfect after-food activity, charades is the classic family game to make you feel like it’s Christmas all over again!

12. Create a home spa

For this you’re going to need a bucket of warm soapy water, some body cream and plenty of imagination. Your very own home spa can be magicked up in super-quick time, and makes a fun way to spend a morning. Canva is a great resource for making homemade signs to put up around the house.

13. Home bowling

The bowling alleys may be closed, but your toddler will be just as happy with a few wooden skittles and a tennis ball in the alley. If you’re not so down with keeping it old school, you can buy a skittle pack online for very little.

14. Transform your home into a pizza parlour!

Even if you’re a parent to a fussy eater toddler, you can bet they love pizza! Which is rather lucky since the world has suddenly woken-up to home-pizza kits. Franco Manca, Pizza Express, and Little Cooks are just some of the businesses offering home pizza kits.

15. Play musical chairs

Birthday party games during lockdown don’t get better than musical chairs. It' all about the classics after all and this one is guaranteed fun for all ages

16. Put on a puppet show

Channel your inner-80s childhood (Emu, Sooty and Sweep, Gordon the Gopher!) and grab a puppet, or perhaps an old sock, and bring smiles all around with a fun puppet show. Watch out though, it’s behind you!

17. A magical tea party

Depending on the weather, you can head outdoors for a Tea Party picnic, or create a magical ‘Mad Hatter’ party indoors. This one will take some planning, but there’s some great inspiration to be found on Pinterest.

18. Chalk surprise message

Wake up and smell the… chalk? That’s right. You’ve probably seen it everywhere from the first lockdown, but chalk has made somewhat of a comeback. Surprise your little one with a big birthday heart, rainbow or self-portrait on the house wall or garden patio, just for their special day.

19. Camp out

If you’re blessed with good weather, camping out under the stars is the perfect way to end a kids lockdown Birthday. But even if it’s a bit gloomy you can still enjoy all the best bits, like hot cocoa, yummy S’mores (pictured) and some campfire tunes indoors.

20. Pass the parcel

if you’re looking for birthday party games during lockdown, look no further than the birthday classic – pass the parcel. You’ll need to stock up on sweets and wrapping paper for this one.

21. A McDonalds party

Children of the 80s will remember that a McDonalds party was possibly the most exciting party you could ever be invited to. For all the nostalgia feels, McDonalds now deliver straight to your door... that’s four Happy Meals and eight Bic Macs then!

22. Gaming with friends

This one’s for slightly older children. Gaming with friends needs no introduction and is the perfect Birthday treat. No need to ask gamers what to buy them for a lockdown birthday, one word: The Switch!

lockdown birthday party ideas for toddlers

23. Pancake flipping contest

Pancakes are great fun any time of year. Make it extra special with a smattering of toppings for your little one to fill their birthday pancake with.

24. Fancy dress

Is your child mad about Minions, bonkers about Baby Shark, or a huge fan of unicorns? Whatever the obsession, there’s a fancy dress costume for that. Go on, you know it will make their day.

25. Movie Night

Can’t get to the cinema? Don’t worry. It has never been easier to create that home-movie experience from your living room. Print out some makeshift movie tickets and dim the lights, and you’re halfway there! Don’t forget to add popcorn, fizzy pop, hotdogs and pick n mix for the ultimate indulgence. Amazon, Now TV and YouTube all make it easy to rent movies. Some popular choices for little ones include: Coco (great for Mexican theme nights), Peter Rabbit 2, Dolittle (perfect for pet-theme parties), Trolls sing-along (ideal for popstar wannabees) and the Lego Movie 2.

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26. Cameo guest appearance

    What, you haven't heard of this? Ok, it's going to blow your mind. Here’s another guest appearance of the celebrity sort – hire a celebrity (this also includes pets and characters) to wish your child a Happy Birthday in person. If you haven’t already checked out cameo.com, there's a host of stars on there.

    27. Face paints

    Face painting is SO much fun when you’re three-years old. Whether your little one believes they’re Spiderman, Elsa or a Minion, you can find a handy tutorial on YouTube.

    28. Biscuit baking

    Homemade biscuits don’t just taste great, but they’re lots of fun to make too. In keeping with your party theme, invest in a cookie cutter to their preference (eg, butterfly, dragon, dinosaur shape) and get them involved in some home baking. Make sure you’ve ordered plenty of biscuit toppings and sparkles to top them off.

    lockdown birthday party ideas for children

    29. Pet party

    Got a pet? Brilliant, it’s the perfect time to wheel them out for a special appearance. Pet tricks, pet shows, pet karaoke, there’s no reason why your four-legged friend shouldn’t be part of the big day. Don’t have a fury friend – no problem, just choose a teddy instead!

    30. Lockdown den

    If you're wondering 'what can I do for a lockdown birthday' that will create fun memories for years to come, then try a den. Kids love them and you can buy an online den kit from as little as £10, or failing that, gather some cushions, get an old rug and hey presto. It’s what birthdays are all about… well, at least in lockdown.

     31. Birthday Cake smash

    Wait, what... you haven't done a cake smash, well  now's the time. All you need is one willing toddler, a cake, and plenty of wet wipes. Oh, and don't forget your camera, this is one photo you'll wan to keep.

    toddler gift ideas lockdown

    32. Party Bags!

    And finally in our long list of how to celebrate children's birthday in lockdown, don't forget the special ingredient: party bags! Fill it with sugary gifts and 10p toys, you can’t go wrong.

    Come check us on on Instagram to see more ideas for inspiration. Wondering what to buy for a lockdown birthday? Check out our gift buying guide for toddlers here >>>




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