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What to do in Lockdown? Here’s 21 family-friendly ideas!

What to do in Lockdown? Here’s 21 family-friendly ideas!

We’ve already completed a four-month stretch of lockdown, and yet here we are again. If you’re staring down the barrel of boredom, and wondering how to use your lockdown month productively from 5 November through to 2 December, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 21 family-friendly things to do in lockdown:

1.Get a head start on Christmas shopping

There’s less than 50 days to get shopping for all those Christmas presents, so why not give yourself a head start? Add 27 November to the diary for Black Friday, although we anticipate many retailers will start early this year. For instance, to bring some festive cheer, we’re offering 10% off our kids plate sets throughout lockdown – they make a great gift for kids, now’s the time to stock up

2. Make that Christmas cake

If you’ve ever made a Christmas cake before, you know how long in advance you need to prepare. All that drip feeding it liquor to keep it juicy and moist… can you ever start too early? Just don’t let the little ones like the child’s bowl clean!

christmas cake design

3. Someone say sourdough starter?

You VOWED you would make a sourdough starter in the first lockdown, but somehow there weren't enough hours in the day! Now we're back in lockdown and craving carbs, it seems like a good idea to return to...

4. Do like Meghan Markle...

Once upon a time, Meghan Markle had a small side hustle writing wedding invites and place cards with her calligraphy skills. Given the time we’ve been given, it’s the perfect opportunity to follow suit.

5. Gather your favourite recipes

Every family has one. You know, the signature dish that guarantees an empty kids plate. Pigs in blankets, mums’ special stuffing recipe, Yorkshire puddings… now’s a great time to start perfecting that dish.

6. Write your Xmas card list

How early should you write your Christmas card list? November is a good time. Be super organised and plan how many cards you’ll be sending this year (note, you need to send them by 18 December for postal times).

7. Help a food bank

It’s this time of year when thoughts turn to helping others. The Trussell Trust food bank predicts there will be 61% increase in food support this year. Visit their website here, to find

8. Level-up your sprout game...

If this is the year you’re determined to get the kids to pick the sprouts off their kids plates an into their mouths, then it’s time to swot up on recipes. From Jamie Oliver to BBC Good Food, check out some of the tried and tested recipes, so you’re sprout-ready come 25th December!

munchy play kids plates

9. Bookmark gifts for Black Friday

Returning at the end of November, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year with savings to be had. Head to your Amazon account now and add all your must-have items to your list, so that when Black Friday hits, you’re ready to buy.

10. Plan outdoor activities for Xmas to New Year

Remembering wondering how you’d survive the boredom of the period between Christmas and New Year? Ha! Nonetheless, use your time wisely to plan some outdoor walks for this festive downtime with the fam.

christmas walks

11. Create your family Christmas calendar

Gather your favourite photos and make them into a personalised calendar for the family. It’s one of the best things to do in lockdown that can be enjoyed for many months to come.

12. Buy an advent calendar

Speaking of calendars, if you haven’t already got your kids advent calendar sorted, you have 25 days and counting…

13. Get frames for the school and nursery photos

Nursery and school photos are always thoughtful gifts to give the family. Avoid that last-minute scramble for frames and add them to your Ocado order while you can!

kids photos

14. Stock up on your favourite liquor

Baileys. Need we say more?

15. Book your Christmas slot

With the uncertainty of lockdown, it’s no bad thing to plan ahead for your Christmas grocery delivery. Most of the big supermarkets have released their Christmas slots, making it the perfect time to plan your larder haul!

16. Plan your place settings

It can be hard to know whether you can host a small or large family gathering this year. But while we can still dream, you have time to plan your place settings.

17. Update the kids tableware

If you haven’t updated your children’s plates and bowls in the past few months, now's the time to give it some thought. Little ones grow up so quick, that your early child bowls for weaning may already be out of date. Our Munchy Play plates are designed for toddlers and preschoolers to keep little ones entertained at the table. Perfect for Christmas lunch!

christmas place settings

 18. Prepare your Christmas Eve box

Yes, it’s a thing. If you haven’t succumb to Christmas Eve boxes, then they’re pretty easy to rustle up.

19. Home edit your house to be festive-ready

You were planning to organise your house on the last lockdown and never got around to it, we know! This time though, the home edit are here to rescue you from gloom. Here’s what you need to know…

20. Kids Christmas cards

And finally put the kids to use and get them etching Christmas cards to family members. There’s nothing like some hobbycraft to pass the lockdown hours away!

 xmas cards

 21. Make homemade crackers

And finally for all that downtime you need to fill, get the little ones excited about Christmas by inviting them to make some homemade crackers!