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15+ Easy Kids’ Party Food Ideas for Outdoor Parties

15+ Easy Kids’ Party Food Ideas for Outdoor Parties

If you're looking for fun and easy kids party food outdoors for a socially distanced party, look no further.

Here are 15+ simple and easy foods ideas to include on your kids party food list in 2022. These have been chosen as they’re visually fun, as well as easy to rustle up. Plus, when hosting a kid’s party for under-five’s it’s about striking the perfect balance between appealing foods and those that aren’t too loaded with sugar.

Combining classics with filling flavours and kids party staples, here’s some inspiration for a stunning spread:

Car cookies

What could be more fun than car cookies for an outdoor kids party. The perfect theme to fit in with racing, these ones are from Etsy served on our new Hot Wheels car dinner plate for kids.


Ham Sandwiches

Knowing that this age group of under-fives can be picky eaters, it’s wise to keep finger foods simple. A fun twist on the traditional ham sandwich is to use three slices of bread – the outside white bread, the inside layer brown. When cut up into finger slices, these are visually appealing and the perfect cold finger food for children’s party.

Dough Balls

Kids love dough balls, which is rather handy as they’re easy to make. Simply get some pizza dough, roll it up and oven cook for a few minutes. You can brush some garlic and butter lightly over for extra taste!


You can never, repeat, never go wrong with a donut or two. From Krispy Kremes to Crosstown Donuts, there's plenty of scrumptious places to order in and bring some pure joy!

kids outdoor party food

Fruity Fairy Cakes

Yum! Try to opt for simply sponge cakes rather than cupcakes which may have lots of sugar-happy frosting. Alternatively, decorate with fresh fruit to add a pop of colour.

Strawberry milkshake

Because what party would be a party without milkshake! Mix with strawberry ice-cream for extra indulgence. Present in

Pick n Mix

Milk bottles, cola bottles and buckets of haribo. It’s the kids party food list your child will be SO excited about.

Sizzling Sliders

We’re all about the NYC vibes when it comes to outdoor kids’ birthday parties. Channel your inner Brooklyn rooftop party and get some mini buns and patties, with the BBQ on full blast!

Sliders are just the right size for little mouths, ensuring more is eaten and less is wasted.

sliders for kids

Star pizzas

What’s better than pizza? How about star pizzas! One way to bring fussy eaters to the table is by making mealtimes fun. Think about creative ways to add some joy to your outdoor kids birthday party – from fun kids’ plates to wow mini munchers, through to fun-shaped food. Make your star pizza using fun shape biscuit cutters such as stars, to create inviting shapes.

Melon Ball pops

Using a small scoop, cut some round circle melon spheres out. Place these either on a skewer, or in a bag, and freeze. Taken out for party time, these are deliciously sweet for everyone to enjoy, served up on kids plastic plates. Keep in mind these are best for children aged four years upward, and may present as a choking hazard in younger children.

Cocktail Sausages

Cocktail sausages are always a hit, don’t forget to include some vegetarian options too such as Quorn versions. If you’re including ketchup, opt for the low-sugar version. If you’re in a hurry, you can buy these by the bulk load in the Tesco kids party food aisle.

Fruit Kebabs

Just like kebabs, but with a fruit theme. Mix and match with your favourite fruits, including sliced grapes, apple chunks, pear wedges and strawberry halves and insert on a skewer. If you’re feeling brave, a small pot of chocolate sauce will delight hungry bellies!

fruit kebabs

Cake Pops

Once you cake pop, you’ll never look back. This simple but oh-so effective idea really brings a kids’ birthday party to life. And if you’re looking for kids party food ideas on a budget, that are memorable and fun, this is it. Simply bake a cake of your choice, then once baked scrunch the dough into balls the size of your palm and freeze for a few hours. Put on a skewer, dip into melted chocolate and decorate.

Party pinwheels

The must-have kids party food list everyone loves – pinwheels! Order pre-rolled pastry, and cover in your favourite toppings; tomato, cheese, ham, etc. Then cut into strips, roll into cake size bites and press down lightly. Cover in milk wash and lightly bake for 15-18 minutes. 

Puzzle sandwiches

The must-have cold buffet party food idea of 2021 is puzzle sandwiches. For this you’ll need a puzzle shape cutter, and hey presto, the result is pretty cool. For the extra wow factor mix and match with white and brown bread.

puzzle sandwiches

Dip Dips

Grown-ups call them crudités, but when you’re doing the kids party food catering – dip dips will do! We’re thinking breadsticks, pitta bread, cucumber, pepper, carrot batons, sliced tomatoes, and lashings of hummus for all those old school vibes.

Party Food Boxes

These work really well for outdoor events, or celebrations outside of your home, where you have everything in one place. It’s all about the balance – include some small ham sandwiches and children’s crisps, along with a piece of fruit, a small wrapped cheese or ‘suckable’ yoghurt (these always go down well) and maybe a little fairy cake to finish on. Don’t forget to include kids party plates and napkins!

Some helpful pointers to think about include:

  • Think about the age group you’re catering for, and the timings to work around. Do they have a mid-day nap, do they eat lunch early?
  • You can never trust the British weather, so it’ always helpful having a canopy or covered area.
  • Will parents be joining kids, if so you’ll need to cater for twice as many! A rule of thumb is to invite as many kids as your child’s age (eg, 4 four kids for a four-year-old)
  • Where will people sit – do you have enough chairs? What will kids eat from, do you have enough plastic children’s plates to go around?
  • As for the centrepiece - are you making the birthday cake, buying one or getting someone to make one?
  • And finally, don’t forget about goody bags with kids gifts – including all the ones in your house too, plus a few extra for those who weren’t able to come.

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