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Kids Fancy Dress for World Book Day 2021 (and beyond)

Kids Fancy Dress for World Book Day 2021 (and beyond)

Where’s the fun in having children, if you don’t get to dress them up in comedy costumes and take embarrassing pictures of them!

There’s plenty of inspiring fancy dress outfits for babies and toddlers… which is just as well, because there’s endless celebrations you'll need them for.  From kids’ birthday parties to Halloween, and Christmas Jumper Day to World Book Day (4 March 2021).

So, if you're looking for fancy dress inspiration for your baby or toddler, here's six fun themes for inspiration.

1. Superheroes

When it comes to superhero costumes, there's much fun to be had. For instance, Spiderman, Wonderwoman and Batman, which will your little caped crusader choose? H&M have an excellent selection of padded outfits with masks. This includes Spiderman, Superwoman and even Lightening McQueen – for kids who love cars!

2. Harry Potter

While it might not have been around in your day, Harry Potter has become a fancy dress must-have for a new generation - toddlers included. Especially popular around Halloween, this wizardry takes it to another level. The look is easy to master if you can get your hands on some specs, a wand (find a kitchen utensil!) and a red and yellow scarf, with an extra-large black cloak made from a tablecloth. Then again, you could just buy a pre-made outfit. The big supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Asda have some great options from around £15.

3. Baby Caterpillar

Perfect for little worms, what’s not to love about dressing your newborn up as cuddly caterpillar! Etsy is a great place to visit for super-cute hand knitted costumes made with love. Some will come with props too, making them a great investment for all-important family photoshoots. It also doubles up as the perfect costume for World Book Day 2021.

4. Unicorns

Girls, boys, adults – heck who doesn’t love a good unicorn outfit! The great thing with this costume is that it also doubles up as a onesie, perfect for snuggly night’s in. Being a toddler, it's the perfect day wear for just about any day in or out! Starting from £17.99, H&M has an ideal pink unicorn onesie, while Monsoon brings all the frills with a sassy two-piece costume. You could be forgiven for wondering if you might be able to fit into it too!

girl unicorn outfit

 5. Stick Man

There's something about Julia Donaldson books that ignite excitement and fun in young children. Her much loved titles 'The Grufallo' and 'Stick Man' have become very popular with young readers, and parents too. From her bestselling book, the Stickman outfit is the perfect choice for fancy dress, and ideal for World Book Day too. Now available in Argos from £16.00

6. Peter Rabbit

The classic tale of Peter Rabbit never goes out of fashion. But, better still a fluffy bunny outfit is irresistible when it comes to little kids. The perfect Easter fancy dress outfit for all those Easter egg hunts and photos is essential, and doesn’t get much better than your favourite rabbit. TU at Sainsburys stocks Peter Rabbit outfit from £15, and best of all they range from toddler age through to eight-years old.

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