How To Throw a Hot Wheels™ Car Party for Kids!

How To Throw a Hot Wheels™ Car Party for Kids!

How To Throw a Hot Wheels™ Car Party for Kids!

Whether you’ve got a ‘threenager’ or pre-schooler, there’s one thing that boys and girls of all ages love – and that’s toy cars!

So when it comes to fun toddler birthday party ideas, you can’t go wrong with a car themed birthday party. What’s more, we’ve done all the hard work for you, covering everything you need to know below.

How to throw a car-themed birthday party

If your child loves toys with wheels and can’t get enough Hot Wheels™ toys, then you can’t go wrong with a car-themed birthday party. From fun invitations to Hot Wheels party favours, there’s an abundance of Hot wheels party supplies Amazon offers, that we’re going to share. Plus we’ve thrown in a couple of creative ideas for party games and cake ideas, complete with Hot Wheels party plates for the wow factor. Ready? Let’s go!

Party invitations

Set the theme from the get-go with Hot Wheels party invitations, so little guests know what to expect. You can get car-themed invites from most party shops, or you can even make your own ones for the cute factor. Simply download a car shape and cut around it, there’s plenty of free templates online.  Don’t forget to include an RSVP email address and cut-off date for replies to the Hot Wheels Party UK of the year!

The Cake

Yes, it’s very much worth thinking ahead when it comes to kids’ birthday cakes. If you’re getting a cake maker to design one, this can take a couple of weeks’ notice, so get your order in early.

If you’re feeling creative, Pinterest is the place for car cake recipes and ideas that you can rustle up at home - here’s a useful board to check out. Or, keep it simple and buy a plain kids birthday cake and decorate it with edible cake toppers in the shape of a car, which you can find on Etsy and decorate with Hot Wheels party balloons for added fun. Keep in mind that toy cars can present a choking hazard to young children, so keep them at bay.

Car-theme party decorations

If you’ve opted for a party at your house, here’s a couple of car themed birthday party decorations to stock up on (just search ‘Hot Wheels Amazon’ or ‘Hot Wheels party’ on google them):

  • Car-themed balloons
  • Fun table covers and napkins
  • Hot Wheels party cups filled with orange juice (aka ‘fuel’)
  • Hot Wheels party plates by Munchy Play
  • Bunting (dig out your old jubilee merchandise!)
  • Starter flags on cocktail sticks – perfect for canapes
  • Personalised banners saying ‘Happy Birthday’
  • Hot Wheels monster truck races for the garden (suitable for 3+ years old)

You can also visit your local party supplier or shop and see if they can make a Hot Wheels balloon arch, which never fails to impress amongst the car themed birthday party decorations at home.

Perfect kids party food

And so we come to the best bit – the food! If you’re hosting a car themed birthday party for a 3 year old or younger, keep it simple with easy to hold finger food, that’s always sliced and age-appropriate. For instance, apple wedges, toddler-size jam sandwiches, crisps (Pom Bears are always a hit), and not forgetting jelly and ice-cream!

In keeping with the theme, you can get car-shape cookie cutters which you can use for sandwiches, I mean who doesn’t love car shaped sandwiches!?

Why not go the whole-hog and order some car-themed biscuits, like these ones we ordered from Etsy. Even just a few can bring a table spread to life, and boy do they taste good too.

Entertainment ideas for a car themed birthday party

Now for the fun bit – toddler party games. The great thing about kids’ parties is that toddler birthday party games can easily be adapted to introduce a car theme. For instance, car wrapping paper is perfect for pass the parcel, and obviously Hot Wheels toys have to be the prize for children aged 3+ years. Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, try pin the exhaust on a drawing of a car. And why not invite little ones to get creative with a colour-in car sheet, or painting workshop.

There’s nothing more fun than a piñata, if you can’t find a car one, why not make one yourself? Fill it with lots of age-appropriate sweets, treats and light toys that won’t hurt little ones as they come hurtling to the ground (never underestimate the strength of a two-year old!).

For older children (usually 7+) go-karting is the perfect day out, or you can make your own car racing game with a Hot Wheels track in the back garden. Hot Wheels gaming is perfect for teens with Hot Wheels Unleashed available on most platforms.

Music aficionados can get down with a roaring car-themed music playlist too.

Goodie Bags

And the bit everyone looks forward to. Along with the usual sweets and treats, be sure to include a toy car in your Hot Wheels party favours (toy cars suitable for children 3+ years), along with a print out and colour in car poster – they’ll be talking about it for days on end back at nursery or school!

So there you have it, everything you need to rev-up your child’s birthday with a fun car theme party. If you enjoyed this, check out how to be a Hot Wheels toy collector.



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