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Kids Films with Cars in them...

Kids Films with Cars in them...

Vroom-Vroom... if your child is mad about anything with four wheels, crazy about cars and has a million baby toy cars and still want’s more, you’re in good company.
Toy cars have been loved by generations of girls and boys, which is why it’s not hard to find a number of automotive related movies for little one’s to enjoy.
If your nipper isn’t quite old enough for ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ (best for 11+), there’s plenty of other movie magic to watch with them, and here they are!


  • Disney Cars

The awesomeness that is the Disney Cars trilogy will keep kids entertained for hours upon hours. With Owen Wilson playing the lead ‘Lightening McQueen’, the first film centres around a race for the Piston Cup Championship, as we meet McQueen’s friends along the way – Sally (Bonnie Hunt) Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) and Chick Hicks (Michael Keaton). The sequel reunites McQueen with some of the favourites as they head overseas to the World Grand Prix, this time featuring Michael Caine as Finn McMissle, sure to keep adults amused. The most recent of the three takes a more reflective approach as McQueen realises the next generation of cars are more eager, souped-up and ready for action than he might have given them credit for. Brilliantly amusing, charming and touching, it’s easy to see why Disney Cars trilogy is a global hit let alone their cool car gifts and merchandise.

  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

The film we all grew up with, is still as loved today as it was back in 1968. Centring around Caractacus Potts – played by the excellently talented Dick Van Dyke, the hard done by inventor transforms a racing car into a unique vehicle for his kids, as they embark on a magical journey, singing the ever catchy ‘Oh Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we love you…’ you can relive the hit right here!

  • Back to the Future

Kids of the 80s will fondly remember the DeLorean DMC-12 that features in the Back to the Future franchise. Who didn’t want this toy car growing up! This cult-classic sci-fi movie features Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) travelling back in time in yes… the beloved DeLorean. Through his travels he encounters younger versions of his parents and himself, in a goofball comedy that will keep young minds entertained and asking lots of questions!

  • Wall-E

OK, not technically a car film, but if your little one loves robots, this is a super cute film set in the future, where a small waste-collecting ‘bot’ finds himself on a space journey that leads to the fate of the world as we know it!
And while we’re at it, here’s some car-related TV shows too:

  • The Wacky Races
  • Tayo (the little bus)
  • Noddy
  • Postman Pat (well, he travels around in a van!)

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