How to Influence your Child's Diet

How to Influence your Child's Diet

If it’s true that you eat with your eyes, then there’s a lot we can learn from the food artists nailing it on Instagram right now. Sure to lure in even fussy eaters, food art is a mesmerizing form.
For those unfamiliar with the trend, a quick search of #foodart on Instagram will bring up more than 3.3 million posts of food. Some of our favourite food artists include Samantha Lee, Bento Monsters and Ida Frosk.

Food for thought
Each with their own individual style, food artists conjure up magnificent visual feasts for children, inspired by sushi, fruit, veg, and all things delicious.
Wheels of pineapples and sticks of carrots transform into farmyard scenes, slices of bread and sushi rolls suddenly take on a new life as kids in a forest. There’s no end to the creativity or inspiration it brings, sure to bring a smile to even the fussiest of fussy eaters!
Food art reciepe
The good news is that you don’t have to be Damien Hirst to create a mini masterpiece. Here’s one of our favourite food art recipes, that you can conjure up in under a minute, all you need is some imagination and a kids plate or two handy.
Happy Caterpillar Recipe
Cherry tomatoes
Cheese spread
Celery sticks
Seedless grapes
Edible sugar eyes
Get ready, get steady, cook!

  • Rinse vegetables under water
  • Cut celery sticks into 2-3 inch slices and fill the stalks with cream cheese
  • Fill the stalk with cherry tomatoes
  • For the caterpillar’s head pop one grape at the end, and fix the edible sugar eyes using the cream cheese

And there you go, a healthy fun treat, in less than a minute!
WARNING: Grapes and cherry tomatoes may pose a choking hazard to children. It’s recommended that you cut grapes and tomatoes into quarters before allowing your child to eat them. Or alternatively use strawberries or cut up blueberries. Adult supervision is always advised.
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