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How to Become a Toy Collector?

How to Become a Toy Collector?

Collecting toys is a fun hobby, it’s also easier than ever with online shopping and access to global goods at your fingertips.

There’s no better time to start than with a young child, since toddler toys are the very start of the journey, with years of collecting ahead!
Whether you set out to collect toys, or your child has amassed a sizeable collection that you’ve decide to hang on to, here’s a few insider tips to making the most out of your growing collection.

What you need to do to become a professional toy collector
  1. Look after toys well. This includes the product and its packaging, which for some toys can make the difference between hundreds and thousands in resale value.
  2. Find a storage area where you can house toys safely. Make sure it’s free from wet, damp, dust and direct sunlight, so toys are as box fresh as they day you bought them.
  3. If children’s toys are stored away, be sure to keep them in good condition by dusting regularly, some collectors choose to place them behind glass casing, others in vacuum seals
  4. If your child hasn’t torn them away, try and keep original boxes in mint condition
  5. The toy market is so vast, that if you choose to be a collector you may want to specialise and become an expert in that field. Research collectibles in this field and keep a look out for new and discontinued lines that may be rare and profitable in the future.
  6. Tell your friends and family that you’re collecting. It’s always helpful to know what to buy someone special and people are always looking for inspiring childrens’ gifts to buy.
  7. Shop in market stalls, garage sales and thrift stores for vintage versions to add to your collection, never be afraid to haggle over price where you see fit
  8. Likewise, look out for your niche in large and small toy shops, in bookstores and outlets for cool kids toys to add to your collection
  9. Sign up to news alerts from your favourite manufacturers, follow them on social media and if you can, write to them offering to review or test new products – you might just be lucky to get sneak previews!
  10. If you’re serious about investing, then keep abreast of the latest industry news in the marketing and trade press, to find out the latest collaborations, merchandise and partnerships.

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