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How to Announce your Baby's Gender in a Special Way?

For parents that decide to find out the sex of their child before birth, it’s one of the first of many exciting milestones on the journey of parenthood. But, when it comes to announcing the gender of your child to loved ones, how can you do it in a fun way!?
There’s lots of inspiration on the web for parents-to-be, but one of the newer trends is gender-reveal baby cakes.

What’s a baby gender-reveal cake?
Inspired from our American friends, the principle is that you disguise the baby’s gender inside a cake (cupcake, or large size cake). There’s lots of different ways to do it – you can colour the entire sponge, or it can include colourful sweets for the lucky recipient to discover. While pink and blue is traditionally used to indicate girl or boy, we like to take a gender-neutral approach to parenting and recommend using any colours you want. Just make sure you let the recipients know what each colour represents before cutting the cake.
Betty Crocker and Friends!
Depending on what you’d like to achieve, there’s plenty of great recipes such as this simple one from Betty Crocker, to lots of inspiration on Pinterest.
A simple but fun way to create a gender reveal cake is to bake a traditional sponge cake, usually two layers (round) with frosting.
Once the cake cools down, use a round cookie cutter on the bottom sponge to create a sizeable hole in the middle. This can be used to fill the cake with candies of your choice and colour to indicate if the baby is a boy or girl!
Cover with frosting and a second layer of cake, then cover with buttercream frosting.
Once ready to enjoy, a slice of the cake will reveal all the candies in their full colour. It’s a super easy and very cute way to share the special moment with friends and family.
You can go the whole hog and host a baby shower with cake served on reusable plastic plates to create the bygone fun of children’s parties… just avoid the rolla-cola (#80sReference)!