How Reading can Help Prepare your Child for School

How Reading can Help Prepare your Child for School

Everyday tasks such as, going to the toilet, brushing your teeth, tying shoelaces, and speaking correctly are all tasks that children should have mastered before starting school according to a latest school report.

Yet research indicates that many children are void of these crucial skills. Recent findings from Ofsted highlight the concerning rising number of children starting school who lack basic hygiene and communications skills.

As a result, these children are starting on the back foot, a cost that Ofsted claims results in a million hours of lost teaching time every year.
But as any parent knows, from fussy eaters to stubborn toddlers, it’s not always easy to encourage your child to be school-ready. However, one of the ways in which parents can help their children, in terms of literacy and communications skills, is by reading to them.

Diana Gerald, CEO of BookTrust says: “We know there are an increasing number of demands placed on parents and that they’re busy all of the time but using books and stories as an opportunity to start discussions with young ones to prepare them for school can go a long way to help get them ready to start in the new term. If cost is a concern, then why not visit your local library or hold a book swap. There are so many great books out there to help get the conversation started so why not add these to your summer reading list.”

BookTrust has put the following children's books together to encourage parents and carers start talking to small children about starting school and the skills they will need. For example, going to the toilet, brushing their teeth, tying their laces and speaking proficiently.

These kids books make great gifts for toddlers and are brilliant for helping those aged 2-4 develop everyday life skills.

Best Kids Books for Toddlers

  • I Want My Potty, by Tony Ross

The Little Princess hates nappies and thinks there must be something better. This is classic picture book entertainment, which will be especially appreciated by any children who are learning to love their potty!

  • Zeki Gets a Checkup by Anna McQuinn

Zeki is a big boy now – he loves hiding toys, playing ball, singing and dancing. Today, he’s going for a checkup at the doctors’ with Daddy and his toy Mister Seahorse. A lovely book to share with toddlers, which marks their developmental milestones.

  • My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson 

Bella is having a Big Shouting Day: from morning until bedtime, she shouts and complains about everything from biscuits to baths. But eventually, Bella says 'sorry' for her big shouting day...

  • My New Shoes by Leilani Sparrow

Young bear’s feet are growing, so it is time for him to get some new shoes. Vibrant illustrations and rhyming text capture the excitement of this familiar experience, making this an ideal tale for toddlers who are embarking on their own visit to the shoe shop.

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