Easy Toddler Meal Ideas While Home Schooling

Easy Toddler Meal Ideas While Home Schooling

Easy Toddler Meal Ideas While Home Schooling

As a new year starts, we find ourselves in the most unusual of circumstances: in lockdown. Sure, we should be used to this by now, but somehow we hoped that we might get away with it. Not so lucky.

And so, legions of parents across the country are now home schooling while working, being childminders while being employees, and teachers as well as mums and dads. No wonder we all need a good holiday!

In between home schooling and working, taking the time to eat a nutritious lunch feels like a luxury.  So, if you’re looking for quick toddler lunch ideas that are easy to rustle up, or even a picky plate for snack time, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s three different ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

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Toddler Breakfast - Start Your Day Right

Yes, it’s true, research shows that children who eat a complete breakfast work faster and with more accuracy than those that don’t. This means your child is more likely to perform better, be more focused and concentrate with a good breakfast inside them.

Porridge is an excellent breakfast choice for kids, offering a slow release of energy. Just following mums on Instagram and Facebook has been inspiring to see how this simple breakfast has been ‘jazzed’ up over the cold winter months. Ginger, spices and fruit are all good additions that seem to be a hit with little ones.

As with toddler dining in general, if you can make mealtimes fun, you’re on the road to success! Food art is a fun way to bring meals to life, and it’s easy to make a face using sliced banana, blueberries and raisins, all healthy choices too.

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Lunchtime - Toddler Meals for Picky Eaters

Now we get to the fun bit. By time lunchtime rolls around, the ‘hanger’ can start to kick in, and no one wants a hangry toddler! If you haven’t had snacks to break the fast, this might be something to consider – rice cakes, or chopped apples are always a light and healthy snack for little ones.

With hanger, and tired brains on overdrive from home learning, lunchtime can create some challenges. Add to this, the stress of us all spending excess time together in small confines, and it’s no surprise that tensions can run high.

There’s plenty of good ideas for toddler meals for fussy eaters. Offering up a picky plate on your Munchy Play plate is a fun way of allowing children to dip in and out of their favourite foods and feel in control. You can also couple mealtimes with playing and learning. Our Choo-Choo train plate is the perfect way to bring the two together.

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You can play ‘guess the shape’, ‘count the snacks’ and even theme the food to your favourite colour. Children learn through play, so it’s a great way of bringing it all together. If you’ve in custody of a toddler that is particularly picky, read our full guide to mealtimes with a fussy eater, loaded with valuable tips.

Quick dinner ideas for toddlers

As the day draws to a close, there’s only one more meal to think about – dinner. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen how much little ones love pasta, which we enjoy sharing with you on our Instagram page. Creamy five-minute pesto dishes, easy-peasy macaroni and creamy pasta bake. There’s a theme here…

Do not feel guilty about rustling up a quick pasta dish, especially if your picky eater toddler demands it on a regular basis. It’s a hearty meal and experts suggest that children need more fat in their diets than adults. Furthermore, carbs should account for nearly half (45%) of all their intake. Throw in a sneaky piece of broccoli, carrot or mushroom, which contributes to their five-a-day.

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(Image courtesy - Instagram @rts_kitchen_snaps)

Fresh pasta is always handy to have, as it takes less than five-minutes to heat. Add a dollop of Philadelphia and some grated cheese, and whoomph – you’ve got a fabulous meal at the ready.

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