Homemade Ice-Lolly Recipes for Kids

Yummy food can come in healthy packages, and it's a great way to introduce your child to healthy eating. Getting kids involved from a young age in cooking is never a bad thing and there's plenty of kids food ideas to help inspire.
Ice lollies are a super fun way to get kids involved and interested in food, here’s a few 'cool' kids food recipes sure to be a hit...

Delicious Strawberry Lollies
Strawberries are typical British food and a great fruit to introduce your child to from a young age. For this you will need a box of fresh strawberries, 100ml of natural yoghurt and a teaspoon of honey (local is always a great option).

  • Mix all your ingredients in a blender or food processor until perfectly blended
  • Divide your mixture between three of four ice lolly moulds, adding a stick
  • Here’s the fun bit, freeze for five hours, or until solid
  • Open the freezer and lick away!

These are also great for a weaning baby (or baby le weaning) or a teething baby with the icy relief from sore gums. (* For a more visual lolly, cut the strawberry in chunks, like above)

Raspberry and Watermelon Licks!
Mmm, this has summertime written all over it. You will need 50g caster sugar, a box of raspberries, 250g of watermelon and 60ml of water.

  • Chop your watermelon in to cubes, removing pips where possible
  • Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan for three minutes, until it goes a little gooey
  • Let it cool
  • In the meantime liquidize your raspberries and sieve to get rid of the seedy bits
  • Once cooled combine the mixtures together
  • Divide your mixture between three of four ice lolly moulds, adding a stick
  • Here’s the fun bit, freeze for five hours
  • Once solid they are ready to enjoy, serve on a kids plate to avoid drips!

Pineapple and Pear Pops!
Sharp and sweet, these lovely treats are a hit all year round. You will need a medium pineapple (cut in to chunks), two to three pears and 10g of ginger.

  • Whizz the pineapple, ginger and pears together
  • You will need about 500ml of liquid, so if you’re short add water
  • Optional – sieve to remove bits
  • Pour into your moulds and freeze for five hours

Don't forget to serve them on your cutest kids dish and toddler plate, like the Munchy Play Choo-Choo plate.

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