Great toy inspiration for toddlers

Great toy inspiration for toddlers

Whether you’re buying for your child or someone else’s, it’s always hard to know what the best gifts for a toddler are. The loveable age is defined as a child aged 18 months to three years’ approximately, although we're also fond of the term 'First Walkers'.

What to look out for
It might be a birthday present, Christmas gift or just a little treat to keep them occupied on a rainy day.

Key kids toys to consider for this age group are those that refine motor skills, help develop speaking and invite them to explore the world around them. And of course, you can never go wrong with early years toys that bring fun and play together.

Favourite Characters
If you’re going straight for the emotional connection, then this age group are starting to form bonds with their favourite toys and characters from TV. This may include; In the Night Garden, Paw Patrol, Hey Duggee, Spiderman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig Miss Rabbit and Mickey Mouse to name a few.
Every child is unique, and it’s best to ask their parent or guardian what they are currently in to – as it can change very quickly with new trends!
Lots of the main supermarkets have a great selection of affordable children’s clothes branded with their favourite characters, while Amazon is a great one-stop-shop for toys.
Imaginative Play
Imaginative play is important for child development. Little Tikes provide a range of fun outdoor toys, such as playhouses shaped like castles and cars that you can drive with your feet – great for getting kids to play outdoors too.
While this age group is a little young for Lego, why not try Mega Bloks which are big enough for small hands to grip and put together to create new shapes. It also helps with fine-motor sills too.
Yes, we’re a little bias, but it would be wrong not to mention our children's plates here too, since they bring fun and play to mealtimes, inspiring different types of imaginative play. There’s three to choose from, including a car, train and picnic theme plate compatible with most leading small toys.
Creative Play
Children love make believe, so superhero costumes are a great way to bring a bit of pretend play to proceedings, and it’s always fun to see a little one dressed as Batman!
Play Doh tends to be suitable for 2 year old’s with universal appeal, it’s hard not to get involved as a grown up too! There’s always a growing collection of new themes to collect, from Octopus themes to baking cakes. First and foremost, it’s great fun, but with the added benefit of helping children relinquish their creative side, as well as other advantages. It’s also one of those toys you will most definitely play with together, great for bonding!
You can never go wrong with a good kids book. Just reading to a child helps them with speech development as well as growing their vocabulary, you can also invite them to get involved in the story too.
The Book Trust recommends The Weaver (Qian Shi), Things that make me happy (Amy Schwartz) and Bizzy Bear Racing Driver (Benji Davies) specifically for this age group.
Singing, dancing and having fun is a great way to encourage little one’s to be more vocal. And the good news is that there’s a huge host of musical toys to enjoy. There are great toddler toys for boys and girls to get involved with, from drums to guitars, cymbals and kazoos’. Just be sure to attach a lifetime’s supply of batteries as well!

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