Original Gifts to Buy New Parents

Original Gifts to Buy New Parents

After months of waiting, the bundle of joy has finally arrived. With sleepless nights ahead and all the other fun that come with having a newborn, you want to buy new parents a special yet helpful baby gift… but what?
Sure, you can buy them their millionth newborn babygrow, or add to their ever-growing collection of Jellycat soft toys, or simply send flowers,

But if you’re looking for something original, then it can be a bit trickier...

Perhaps you want to get the parents something for the future, something you personally found useful, or something to help ease the stress of parent life. So, we’ve scoured the web to find four of our favourite picks….
Personalised Matching Hooded Bathrobes
For cute factor if nothing else, a personalised baby and mummy hooded bathrobe is just the business! Girls and boys personalised gifts are hugely popular, and it doesn’t get more adorable than a fluffy robe to wrap them up in! It's also a great practical present too, since mum will be living in her PJs for the next few months!

Parent & Baby Swim Class
Babies love water, and many parents enrol in baby swim classes from a young age. Filled with fun activities, helpful exercises and sing-along games, most courses stretch over a term, making this the gift that keeps on giving!  Better still, at the end of the course you can enjoy your very own ‘nirvana’ moment, with a photo capturing baby underwater. Packages start from around £150.
Parents receive so many baby gifts, that it’s lovely to have a present to look forward to in the not-too distant future. Weaning babies comes around so quickly, that in six month’s time, they’ll be starting to think about baby bowls and baby plates and everything that comes with learning to eat. It may sound like it's a gift to the child, but the Munchy Play baby plate collection is most certainly a great gift for parents, helping to de-stress mealtimes.

Home cooking

And when all else fails, the gift of food is always a blessing. Better still when it's made with love. Trust us, any parent would be overjoyed to receive a bunch of brocolli florets and goujon chicken over a bouquet of flowers!

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