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How Train Plates can Help Fussy Eaters

How Train Plates can Help Fussy Eaters

So, you’re the proud owner of a Munchy Play Thomas Train Plate congratulations!
Our fun kids plates were designed by a Mum to help make mealtimes more fun and less of a battlefield. In fact, nearly half of parents identify their toddler and pre-schooler as picky eaters - so if this is something you relate to, you’re not alone.

Why is my child a fussy eater?

Some kids need enticing to the dinner table, some won’t sit still, many are fussy or picky eaters and others need lots of fun and interaction.

With a fun interactive design, Munchy Play ® kids plates invite little ones to the table, helping to keep them entertained, with food at the focus.
While kids' plates are best left for children to explore and play in their own unique way, here’s a couple of inspiring ways for parents to join in the fun.

Fun games to play at the table

1. Here comes the train (literally)!
Using your child’s favourite toy train, encourage your child to eat a mouthful of food before the train goes full circle and comes back around again. Great fun for children who are learning to wean, as well as toddlers, and the perfect parent-bonding mealtime solution.
2. I-spy
Put you child in the driving seat, asking them to drive the train around the tracks. As their favourite toy train goes around the train plate, ask them to make a big toot-toot as they refuel for the next leg! A fun way to bring little ones to the table.
3. A culinary journey
Imaginative play is important in child development. Help foster creativity by inviting your child to use their favourite toy train on the track, crafting a story together on where you’re going. Let imaginations run free - perhaps you’re off to the farm to feed the sheep, or maybe Grandma’s house to cook some cakes.

Encourage your child to self-feed by taking ‘stops’ at the station to ‘refuel’ with a bite or two, before steaming ahead. Don’t forget to show your ticket!

Young children respond well to positive encourgement, so be sure to praise them for trying new foods for behaving well at the dinner table, and for having clean kids plates.

All three kids dinner plates are now available at munchyplay.com

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