78% of Caregivers Experience Fussy Eater Toddlers

78% of Caregivers Experience Fussy Eater Toddlers

78% of Caregivers Experience Fussy Eater Toddlers

The majority of caregivers (78%) experience fussy eating behaviour from their toddler, a survey by Munchy Play kids’ plates has found. Most parents (60%) will also make their child something else to eat if they turn down a meal.

The poll found that eight out of ten caregivers regularly eat their children’s leftover food, with 17% doing so every day. This can add up to 3,000 calories extra every month – the equivalent of three Christmas dinners with all the trimmings. However, most parents (41%), eat their children’s leftovers a ‘few times a week’, adding approximately 420 calories to their weekly diet – the same as a large cheeseburger. 18% of parents said they never eat their child’s leftovers.

Fussy eating behaviour is common with toddlers, and most children will outgrow it with age. However, an overwhelming 97% of families find that Munchy Play kids’ plates make mealtimes more enjoyable for their toddler.

A spokesperson for Munchy Play, said: “Fussy eating behaviour is common in young children, and often coincides with toddlers gaining their independence as they develop fine motor and thinking skills. However, play is the language that children speak, so bringing fun to the table can make it an enjoyable occasion for everyone. It may also prevent unnecessary food waste - an issue parents care about, and one of the reasons for consuming leftovers."

The poll also uncovered that Mrs Hinch is the most popular social media influencer followed by mums, closely followed by Stacey Solomon. KSI  (founder of drink ‘Prime’) and Mr Beast were also named by parents as other popular social media stars.

Here are five tips and strategies to help parents of fussy eater toddlers:

·       Don’t give up if your child refuses food. Research suggests that children may need to be exposed to new foods up to 15 times.

·       The NHS recommends making mealtimes “enjoyable and not just about eating”.

·       Try Munchy Play plates to engage your child and make mealtimes fun.

·       Eating as a family helps to promote healthy eating habits.

·       Try not to overload your toddler with snacks – guidelines suggest two healthy snacks a day for a toddler.

·       Involve children in mealtimes,  whether it’s washing fruit or laying the table, this will help keep them interested.

Designed by a mum to make mealtimes enjoyable for toddlers and parents, Munchy Play is the first kids’ plate with a built-in track. Launched in lockdown, the small business has become a popular parent hack and features Thomas & Friends and Hot Wheels plates in its collection. Visit Munchyplay.com and follow @munchyplay for more.