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10 Kids Fun Christmas Food Ideas 2021

10 Kids Fun Christmas Food Ideas 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… especially if you’re a foodie or a parent. So, whether you’re looking for festive food art or hosting a Christmas party for kids, you’re going to need some fun foods to get the festivities in full swing.

From super cute Santa’s made from fruit, to warming hearty soups and thanksgiving turkey sandwiches with a comedy twist, we’ve got everything you’re looking for and more.

Here’s 10 of our favourite Christmas themed food ideas for inspiration.

What can I serve at  a kids Christmas party?

When it comes to kids Christmas party food ideas we’ve got you covered with these firm favourites for 2021.

1. Grape Christmas Tree

It’s more of a blueberry in a grape tree, than a partridge in a pear tree, but hey, we’ll take it! In the long list of Christmas party food for kids, this is one of the quickest and easiest to rustle up. Just be sure to slice grapes before giving them to children under the age of five.

Arrange grapes into a pyramid shape, dotted with blueberries and any other treats you have to bring it to life. We made the base using an apple, but you can use most fruits.

thomas train plate

2. Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving this year falls on Thursday 25 November. But as we all know, you don’t have to be American or Canadian to enjoy this special day, especially when there are so many fun Christmas food ideas to enjoy.

One of our favourites is this brilliant turkey sandwich, featuring the gobble-monster itself! Simply cut two slices of bread in circle shapes (use a cup for a template), and fill with lettuce and turkey slices. You’ll need some edible eyes for the face, the crust of bread for the head, and cheese and red pepper for the beak and neck. The result is one of our favourite food art creations of all time. These are such fun to serve at your kids Christmas party too!🦃

Inspired by a recipe by cutefoodforkids.com

kids food art

3. Santa Fruit Platter

How many sleeps until Santa comes? Bring the fun of Santa to mealtimes, with this strawberry and banana ensemble. It’s one of the most healthy and fun Christmas food ideas for 2021.

thomas train plate

4. The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

What would Children’s Christmas party food be without hot chocolate? The perfect choice for snuggling up in front of the TV and watching a Christmas film like Elf or The Grinch. For the ultimate hot chocolate, we use boiled organic milk, and a hot chocolate stirrer for pure indulgence. Top with cream and marshmallows, and it’s heaven in a cup. If you haven’t already, be sure to add hot chocolate to you Christmas Eve Box.

kids pick plate

5. Reindeer Biscuits

Don't panic, these biscuits are made of chocolate, not reindeer! These fun kids christmas food ideas are simple to make. Simply add prezels, red jelly bean and candy eyes, and ta da - your biscuit is transformed, all served up on our bestelling Vroom-Vroom car plate, named one of the top xmas gifts in the Mail Online.

kids picky plate

6. Oh Christmas Tree!

Cucumber and carrot crudités are one of the healthy Christmas finger foods you’ll want to add to your list. For this all you’ll need is cucumber, carrots, cocktail sticks and a veg slicer. These glorious healthy snacks are perfect for kids Christmas parties, and take very little time or effort.

Recipe by @eatsamazing

fun kids christmas food ideas

7. Marshmallow Snowmen

Christmas party food ideas for buffet can include a host of treats. Perhaps one of our favourites is this snowman made from marshmallow and strawberries, what could be more cute?

kids fun xmas food

8. Tremendous Tomato Soup

If you’re having a sit-down meal, or if you’re looking for kids friendly Christmas appetizers, you don’t want anything that will fill them up too much. Soup is the perfect choice for a child’s starter as it’s light and delicious. If you’ve got the time, add some pumpkin or squash – great winter root veg widely available at this time of year. It’s also a popular appetizer for Thanksgiving meals too.

kids fun plates

9. Sprout and About

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and that means playing with food! Ok, we’ll level with you, sprouts are children’s worst enemy… but when it comes to kids Christmas food, what would it be without them? How do you get the kids to eat sprouts? Who knows! But, the track around our Munchy Play kids plates is the perfect place to put them. And as we know, playing with food is a great way for fussy eater toddlers and children to experience new foods.

kids thomas plate

10. Kiwi Wreath

If you don’t have much time to spend on kids Christmas party food, here’s one that is quick and easy, as well as delicious and healthy. Slice up some kiwi, and decorate with strawberries, or whatever takes your fancy. You can even leave it to the kids to style, it’s one of our big fussy eating tips. Served on our red James Train Track plate – the perfect festive choice!

fun kids food art

So there you have it, 10 fun Christmas Food Ideas for kids parties this season. If you try any of them out, please share with us on Instagram (@munchyplay) and we’ll give them a RT.

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