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Fun Games to Play with a 4-Year Old

Fun Games to Play with a 4-Year Old

The things they say, the things they do - there's no denying that four year olds' are an endless source of entertainment in themselves.

But, what happens when the tables turn and it's time to entertain a preschooler? Clean out of cool kids toys, and perhaps out and about on a train journey or visiting friends, you're going to need to improvise and quick!

Here's some sure-fire ways to keep them preoccupied...

This game is best played with a group of kids. Grab yourself a bottle of bubbles and start blowing. Your mission is to get as many in the air, while children run around popping them before thy touch the floor. The person who catches the most gets their very own bottle of bubbles… and no, we don’t mean the champagne sort!
Duck, Duck, Goose
Another one for a group of kids. Ask them to sit next to each other in a circle. The first child (pick at random) starts walking around the outside of the circle patting the kids heads gently going past. At random they need to choose one person to be the goose, and yell GOOSE when their head is patted. The anticipation is more exciting than it sounds! Once the goose is patted, thy have to run clockwise around the circle – the first to sit down is the winner, and so forth!
Picnic Hunt for Treasure
In large picnic bags place trinkets ranging from sweets to toys – think party favours. Hide these bags in your garden, living room and in nooks and crannies and ask them to find the treasure! The winner is the person who finds the most bags.
Reshape it!
A great one for rainy days and for budding artists. Sit down with a piece of paper and draw a shape, it could be a square, a circle or even your handprint. Then set your timer and give your child 60 seconds to transform the drawing into an object with their pencils. When the time is up, get them to explain their brilliant new piece of art!
Put on some of your kids’ favourite CD that you bought for their birthday and pump up the volume! Ask them to dance until the music stops. At that point, they have to freeze better than Olaf in Frozen! Tickle their noses for extra fun. Toddlers love this game as well as older children.

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