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Affordable Father’s Day Gifts from Children in 2021

Affordable Father’s Day Gifts from Children in 2021

If you’re wondering when is Father’s Day 2021, you’ll be pleased to know that it takes places on June 20, 2021 in the UK. You don’t have to spend a fortune to shower your Dad with love either. From getting crafty to pocket-money presents, here’s eight touching, affordable gifts most with a home-made theme, from babies, toddlers and children.

But first (in case the kids ask!) why do we even celebrate Father’s day and what does it mean?

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day UK?

Unlike Mother’s Day which is celebrated as a traditional Christian holiday. Father’s Day has only been celebrated since the early 1900s.

Some understand the day dates back to a church in West Virginia that held a special ceremony to honour fathers whose lives were taken in a mining accident. This led to a local woman called Sonora Smart Dodd taking it upon herself to petition for a national and annual Father’s Day celebration, especially since Mothers are honoured but fathers hadn’t been. With its US origins, it soon became popularised throughout the world, including the UK.

Today this global event is an opportunity to recognise the contribution that our fathers make and shower them with love!

Best Gifts from Children this Father’s Day

Whether you're looking for fun first Father's Day gifts, or a homemade treat, here's eight fabulous ideas for you.

  • Father’s Day Bouquet

father's day bouquet

Why should Mum’s get all the flowers!? Flowers are a wonderful gift to give for any occasion, and Dads are highly deserving of a beautiful bouquet. A nice way to support small businesses is to swing by your local florist and pick out a bespoke bunch. However, you can equally go on a garden hunt and pick some yourselves, there’s nothing more touching than a hand-wrapped bouquet after all.

  • Daddy’s Day Picnic

It’s time to hit the great outdoors! Grab a little picnic box and fill it with lots of lovely treats for Dad. From finger sandwiches to fresh fruit and a couple of indulgent treats like cream cakes, yum! Or why not surprise him with Spanish food or something that says summer. Get your picnic blanket and some kids plastic plates together and rustle up something special in your back garden, or one of the many beautiful walks that the National Trust offer.

  • I love you this much card

If you’re into homecrafts, then this is a fun one to make. Get some cardboard paper and draw around your hands, back to back. Cut this out and fill in with your own decorations, for a personalised gift for Dad.

  • Baby footprints

first fathers day gift

If you’re looking for touching first Father’s Day gifts, here’s one that will pull at the heart strings. You can buy clay gift plaques to make a mould of baby’s feet or hands. These tend to cost around £10 upwards and make a lovely gift to treasure for years to come.

  • King’s Crown

In keeping with the home-made theme, it’s scissors at the ready. With a grown-up trace around a crown shape on a large piece of paper. Decorate on the outside with Dad’s favourite pictures or your very own master crafts. Once done simply glue or stick together and ta da… you’ve got a crown for your King.

  • Munchy Play Plate

Vroom vroom plate

What’s the best gift you can give a parent, other than a good night’s sleep!? How about five-minutes peace at mealtimes. The best way to achieve this is to make mealtimes fun and enjoyable for children. So, an investment in a Munchy Play kids’ plate is a great way to do this, especially for car-lovers with our Vroom-Vroom car plate. Sure, it’s made for children… but really it’s a gift for parents everywhere!

  • Dad’s Cupcakes

If food be the gift of love, then this might be the greatest gift for Father’s Day. Fairy cakes are fun and easy to make, and can be decorated with all kinds of edible treats to make them special, from golf clubs to rugby balls, or why not just stick to a big poo emoji, you know you want to! Serve it up on a plastic kids plate and make an event of it.

  • Lego Cufflinks

Wearable art is all the rage, and there’s no cuter way to celebrate Father’s Day with a homemade pair of cufflinks. The perfect gift for Dad’s who love building blocks. Simply choose a small lego brick and with the help of a grown up, stick to a cufflink base for a special present.

Happy Father’s Day!