Cute Father's Day Gifts From Toddler in 2023

Cute Father's Day Gifts From Toddler in 2023

Cute Father's Day Gifts From Toddler in 2023

Father’s Day is around the corner (Sunday June 18), so it's time to get your thinking caps on for original and cute Father's Day gifts from the toddler in your life.

Here's some fun ideas, all under £20!

1. A Cute Painting

If your child loves to paint, (and you can stand the mess!) you can create a cute Father's Day gift from toddler using their chunky little handprints. Simply dip your child’s hand in child-safe paint and press it onto a canvas or thick piece of paper. Repeat this process to create a heart, a car, or another design using multiple handprints.You'll need to plan ahead to allow it to dry. Why not include your favourite quote with it? Dad will treasure it forever. Aprox cost £5.50

2. A personalised photo book

One of the cutest Father’s Day gifts from a toddler is a personalised photo book. You can create a photo book filled with pictures of your child and their father, capturing all those special memories. Why not also include a few photos of your child’s artwork or handprints, adding a personal touch to the treasured memory. This is a gift that your toddler can help create, making it even more special for their dad. All this for aproximately £15.

3. Munchy Play Kids' Plate

Ok, so this is a gift for your toddler, but the person benefitting is definitely the parents! Munchy Play Track Plates help to bring fun to mealtimes, giving parents a stress-free and enjoyable meal! Whether your little one is a Hot Wheels or Thomas & Friends fan, we all know that this is a gift that will last beyond Father's Day. Cost £16.50

4. Handmade Card

Another adorable Father’s Day gift from a toddler is a handmade card.. With a few supplies from the craft store, your child can create a card that is special and touching. Be sure to add construction paper, markers, stickers, glitter, and other craft materials to your shopping list that will create a one-of-a-kind card that will make their dad’s heart melt. Encourage your child to draw a picture of their dad or write a special message inside the card. Aproximate cost £7.00

5. Custom Coffee Mug

For a unique and practical Father’s Day gift, consider creating a custom coffee mug. You can purchase a plain white mug from an online store and use paint markers or ceramic paint to add your child’s handprints, drawings, or a special message. Alternatively, you can uplaod an image online and order through one of the popular shops, like Etsy. This is a cute Father's Day gift from toddler that your child’s dad can use every day and will always remind him of his child’s love. Price - £9.99

6. Baked Treats

If your child loves to bake and they're the next Omari McQueen, you can create a cute and delicious Father’s Day gift using their favourite homemade recipe. Have your child help you measure and mix the ingredients, and then package the finished product in a fun creative manner. Clean out an old jam jar, reuse a plastic takeaway box, and make the most out of reusing household items. Adding a little card, you can make something dashing and dishy for less than a fiver. Be sure to add a message from your child and a ribbon or bow for the finishing touch.

7. I love you Daddy Message

Finally, one of the cutest Father’s Day gifts from a toddler is a simple and heartfelt “I Love You” message. You can use pavement chalk to write the message outside your house, or create a sign usinng paper and markers to wake them up with in the morning. This is a gift that is easy to create and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Best of all, it's free if you have a pen and paper!

Well, there you go!

There are many cute Father’s Day gifts from toddlers that are sure to put a smile on their dad’s face. Whether you choose to create a handmade card, a personalised photo book, or a custom coffee mug, the most important thing is to show your love and appreciation for your dad on this special day. Encourage your child to participate in creating the gift, and make it a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

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