Trending Family Holiday Destinations for Summer 2023

Trending Family Holiday Destinations for Summer 2023

Trending Family Holiday Destinations for Summer 2023

Summer is right around the corner. Have you decided where you'll be spending your family holiday yet? Whether you're looking for baby friendly destinations, luxury holiday with a baby, European breaks with your toddler, or all inclusive holidays, you might be surprised with the top five family holiday destinations for 2023.

There are plenty of great options for getting away from it all—especially if you're looking for something new and different. Below, we've pulled together our top picks for family-friendly destinations from across North America and Europe, so grab your bucket and spade - it's time for a family holiday abroad!

The Caribbean

Yes, the Caribbean. Here's the thing, luxury holidays with toddler or baby are completely do-able. You don't have to worry about taking them out of school, allowing you to visit in winter/spring, when The Caribbean is at it's most delightful. Also, since little ones aren't quite into a routine, you might find the jet lag slightly more forgiving. And of course, when it comes to eating out in the evenings, your toddler or baby can nap away in the buggy - something that's less easier as they get older. Sure, Caribbean breaks are not cheap family holidays by any means, however if you go out of season, you can grab quite a bargain.

So why the Caribbean? Well, it's one of the most popular summer destinations for families. There are many islands to choose from, each offering something different and unique. For instance, Barbados is all about the luxury vibes, five-star dining and Oistins on a Friday - the perfect family summer holiday! While Antigua is great for island living and boat trips, and St Kitts for laid-back chill.

Needless to say, The Caribbean is the one place you can always enjoy glorious sunshine with your family. You can easily find hotels that cater specifically to families or those with children's programs on island excursions designed specifically with kids in mind. Dining options are plentiful - including casual fare, and high-end eateries. You'll find plenty of snack stands along the beachfronts serving up delicious treats like hot dogs or ice cream cones (or both!).

For slightly older kids, activities range from snorkeling through clear waters (you might see a turtle), as well a discovering hidden alcoves and pink sand - there's so much adventure. If you're looking for the best family holidays abroad all inclusive, check out British Airways, TUI, and Virgin who cater towards families.


Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, with a stunning subtropical climate. The large population of 2.4 million, are known for their hospitality and friendliness towards visitors to their beautiful island home.

For family holidays where exploration is on the agenda, there are many World Heritage Sites with volcanoes, waterfalls and an abundance of nature to enjoy. The beaches are also unique, some with black sand, always interesting to visit if you're travelling with toddlers.

Rome, Italy

One of our favourite family holiday destinations, the seductive city of Rome has been around since the days of the Roman Empire and still brings in tourists to this day. This is the place to gorge on pizza, gelato and all good (but slightly naughty) foods the kid will love. Plus, Italians are some of the most family-orientated people, making this a very welcoming destination for your next family summer holiday. That said, this is a fast and furious city, so it's less ideal for younger kids. You'll need stamina to see the sights and famous landmarks like The Colosseum which was used as an arena for gladiators back when it was built. Or maybe you'd prefer to take a boat ride down Tiber River? Either way, you'll have a great time exploring this beautiful city!

Faro, Portugal

Faro is one of the top family destination for families. With an abundance of attractions and activities, there's no shortage of things to see and do. However, the five-star resorts and all-inclusive family holidays are what brings people back time and again. As such, the city has plenty of accommodation options, all catered to kids with big (heated) pools, and accessible steps and pathways to the beach, like the epic beach at Pine Cliffs.

Many of these Italian family holiday destinations are exquisitely catered to children with excellent food menus and activities on offer. Be sure to bring your Munchy Play plate though, to give you five-minutes extra at the table, to enjoy your long lunch! Ideal for holidays with baby under 1, Portugal is one of the top baby family destinations abroad.


According to travel gurus 'Lonely Planet', Malta is one of the top travel destinations for 2023. It's easy to see why. If you're looking for cheap holidays 2023, Malta is a great family holiday destination choice. There are lots of sandy beaches, and its warm balmy weather make it perfect for dipping in the water. It's also popular with divers, who come to see the underwater caves and sea life.

If you're interested in history, Malta has plenty to your summer holiday. Get the kids in their best walking shoes and visit ancient temples built by the Phoenicians, or climb up Fort St Elmo (which was one of Napoleon's bases).

Along with a warm sunny climate, the people are friendly too - many speak English. For family day trips , Malta is just off Italy's coast line which includes Gozo island as well as Valletta capital city, well worth a ponder.

Travelling with a Toddler Checklist

Whether you're travelling with a newborn, or travelling with a 3-year old, international travel with kids tends to present the same challenges to parents. For this reason, it's worth anticipating your toddler needs and putting together a 'travelling with a toddler checklist'. To help you get started, here's a few handy points

  • Bring your own food and snacks. You can't rely on airlines to feed your children, especially with major cutbacks on all the big airlines. This also includes having plenty of water and milk - plan for delays, as this is always a likelihood

  • Bring spare clothes for yourself. If you're flying with toddler on lap, accidents can happen. Be prepared!

  • Don't forget your card seat if you're travelling with toddlers in car. This way you know it will be safety approved and can install it correctly.

  • Bring your own entertainment - ipads, colouring books, stickers, heck even your favourite Hot Wheels car and Munchy Play plate. Youll be glad you did!

  • Use your toddler backpack for essentials - nappies, creams, milk and toys. (Tips for travelling with a 1 year old - bring a new toy, as attention spans can be short).

  • And finally, bring your patience and sense of humour, because you're going to need them both!


  • Now is the perfect time to plan and book that family summer holiday!

Pack lots of toys, especially those that are easy to carry like Hot wheels cars and dolls (you can never have enough) and your favourite Munchy Play plate to ensure you get to enjoy mealtimes too!

  • Pack light and carry-on only when possible—especially if you have young children who like to play in their own way, Be sure that everything fits in one bag or suitcase. This will also help save space on flights and hotels (and avoid being charged extra fees).

  • If possible, try booking accommodations with pools or playgrounds nearby so that everyone can enjoy them together as a family unit.

If you enjoyed this, be sure check out fun games to play with preschoolers during your travels.

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