Fun Camping Food for Toddlers and Kids in 2022

Fun Camping Food for Toddlers and Kids in 2022

Fun Camping Food for Toddlers and Kids in 2022

The great British outdoors, there’s nothing quite like it for the perfect family day out. If you’re planning a camping trip with young children, however, there’s a whole new dimension to consider ‘what to cook the kids when camping’.

The good news is that even fussy eaters will enjoy the following 40 ideas for easy camp fire cooking! Just be sure to pack your Hot Wheels car plate to keep the little ones entertained. Made from durable plastic, they’re easy to pack, wash and reuse.

Read on to discover the best camping food for kids, as well as 5 star family campsites UK.

Essential foods for family camping trips

Fruit for snacking

Let’s start with the healthy stuff! Fruit is easy and plentiful to snack on. Fill your bag with sliced grapes (to avoid choking), apples, bananas and dried fruits suitable for your child’s age. These can also double up as fruit kebabs, which brings all the camp fire fun to life!

Grilled nachos

Unpack your kids plates and get stuck in. Grilled on the open fire, cheese covered nachos are a delight to behold!


Forget kids camping toys, the highlight of any camping trip is S’mores! These American staple are moorishly good. A simple way to enjoy them is to use biscuits with chocolate on one side. This way you can sandwich the marshmallow in between – pure bliss!

Baked potato

Baked potatoes are essential camping fodder. Easy to cook in tin foil, load them up with all the hearty essentials – ham, bacon, cheese and serve straight away.

The paper bag brekkie!

If you havent’ tried eggs and bacon in a bag, you haven’t lived! One to turn even picky eaters into foodies, this is camping food at its best.

Mac and cheese

This one’s a bit of a cheat, but it’s no less a favourite. Bring your favourite Kraft pasta to the camp site and add water. So simple, so tasty – just ask your picky eater.

camp family

Banana popsicles

Halve a banana and coat in peanut butter before smothering in your favourite toppings – dried fruit, coconut, oats – go for it! Simple add a wooden stick and you’ve got a banana pop!

Mini pizza

Always a fun way to enjoy mealtimes, pitta topped with cheese, ham and tomato makes a cute and simple mini pizza, best of all get the kids involved – it’s what camping family days out are all about.

Trail mix - homemade

Have you noticed how your picky eater becomes great one on camping trips!? As such, you’ll need to be armed with plenty of energy boosting snacks. Homemade trail mix is an easy win, and you can eat it out of a bag, or children’s plate – whatever you choose. Mixes can include raisins, yoghurt covered raisins, cranberries, pretzels, chocolate chips and more.

Campside crudites

Celery, carrots and cucumber – these double up as delicious dips, just add hummus. It’s an essential for family days out

Spaghetti on toast

A filling and delicious family meal that’s easy to whack on the fire. Get a tub of your favourite Heinz spaghetti (we’ve opted for Thomas the Tank Engine) and heat up in a pot, whilst making toast. It’s a family favourite for sure.

Fun frankfurters

Camping food is all about having fun, and frankfurter octopus shapes are fun and easy to make. Simply slice the sausage in quarters, it looks pretty cool once its cooked too!

Camping kebabs

This is a favourite with picky eaters, as it invites them to serve their own portion. Simply get some sliced bread (quartered) and ask the little ones to add it to a skewer picking from their favourite ingredients. It’s fun to see what they come up with next.

Camp fire chicken

If you’re looking for all the 5 star family campsites UK vibes, then this one’s for you. There’s a bit of a hack, in that you make the roast chicken at home and shred it, before bringing it on the trip – then just reheat it and serve in buns or pita bread.

Beans on toast

What’s the most requested meal in family campsites UK? We probably think it’s beans on toast! This staple is what camping was made for. If not now then when?

Sliced apples

And finally, an all-round winner that you’ll want to serve in your fun Thomas plate set. Slice up some apples and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. Wrap them in tin foil and heat up for ten minutes for a yummy dessert when camping.

The top 5 star family campsites UK

So now you’ve got your recipes locked down, all you need to do is book the perfect camp site. If you’re all about the luxe family days out, then here are the best of the campsites the UK has to offer.

  • The Geometric Dome, Dorset

Stunning views in breathtaking surroundings – a top family campsite with entertainment

  • Hush Gilder Camp, Sussex

Level up with double beds in delightful bell tens, including a cow shed lounge and shower – all your comforts are taken care of. This is camping at its best!

  • Catgill Farm, North Yorkshire

Great camping facilities perfect for family days out, allowing little ones to roam free. Recently won ‘Britain’s top 5 coolest campsites’ in the Telegraph.

  • Cooper Beech Camping Glamping, Staffordshire

Enjoy Shepherd’s huts in this cute working farm – it makes a wonderful weekend retreat of family day out.

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