Family Games to Play at the Table with the Tea Party Plate

Family Games to Play at the Table with the Tea Party Plate

Family Games to Play at the Table with the Tea Party Plate

Imagine mealtimes where little one’s actually look forward to dining… well, now you can with the Munchy Play Tea Party plate for toddlers.

Designed by a Mum to help make mealtimes more fun, the Munchy Play Tea Party plate invites kids to the table with place settings for friends - so now you can have tea for two, three or more!

If you find mealtimes are a struggle, you’re not alone. Nearly half of parents identify their toddler and pre-schooler as picky eaters.

And that’s not all, common complaints we hear including getting kids to come to the table, let alone sit still and eat.While our kids plates are best left for children to explore and play in their own unique way, here’s a couple of inspiring ways you can use your children's plate for maximum fun:

  • Tea for two, and two for tea!

Bring your child’s favourite toys, dolls, figurines or teddies to the table and invite them to play ‘tea time’ together. Start with your child having a mouthful of food, before deciding who to give the next bite to. Make it fun, by always missing one teddy out and it going straight in to Mummy or Daddy’s mouth instead! A sweet and simple game that encourages parent-bonding too.

  • I-spy

Taking inspiration from the cute illustrations, play a game of i-spy with your child. From happy apples to beaming broccoli, to cute cupcakes and cups of tea and smiling watermelons to naughty peas, get your little one to look out for their favourite food friend, having a mouthful each time you spot them. A great way to engage little ones, inspire imaginations and promote self-feeding at the same time.

  • Tea Time Story Time

Imaginative play is important in child development. Help foster creativity by encouraging your child to come up with a fun story around the guests they’ve invited to tea. Perhaps it’s the teddy bears’ picnic, or maybe they’re on an episode of the Great British Bake Off! Ask them what they’re having for tea, and pretend to cook up dishes to feed guests, let their imaginations run free, whatever direction they take.
Munchy Play children’s plates come in three great designs, check them out now!

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