Family-Friendly Chain Restaurant Inspiration

Family-Friendly Chain Restaurant Inspiration

Dining out with young children is a gamble. Sometimes they're little angels.... and other times, little rotters! For better or worse, restaurants seem to be one of the popular go-to options for catching up with friends. But lets face it, this is hardly a relaxing experience. You've got one eye on your meal, another on their kids plate about to fly across the room - all the while trying to hold down a normal conversation with your friend. Pass the Prosecco someone...

Thankfully, the UK has its fair share of welcoming family restaurant chains, that are prepared for little critters. When mealtimes come a calling, here's some of the best restaurants for dining with little ones, with a welcoming family-friendly vibe:

  • Ask Pizza

Stumble across an Ask restaurant around 5pm, and you’ll see it packed out with kids eating and parents enjoying a very early dinner! There’s a great menu for adults encompassing mostly pizza and pasta dishes, while kids get to enjoy three courses, including an antipasti starter and a complimentary babychino, all for just £6.95. Crayons and colouring in are on hand, along with an art gallery to display it afterwards. For this reason, it's a popular haunt with parents of little kids.

  • Wagamama

One of the great fast-food chains that you won’t mind going to, and your kid will love it too. A great way to introduce your child to Asian and Japanese cuisine, with dishes like mini yasai cha han and yaki soba noodles on the kids menu-  all that's missing is an actua kids bento box. The de-rigour colouring in is presented, but is no way as exciting as the kids version of chopsticks, making noodles the most fun dish to eat - ever! They also have a very snazzy clip-on chair for young babies to fix firmly to the table with.

  • Pizza Express

Endlessly popular with the 2.4 brigade, Pizza Express restaurants can be found dotted up and down the country. Known for their voucher offers and discount code, allows you to indulge in just one more dough ball… the kids can’t get enough. And who could blame them, their delicious. Colouring in and amusing stickers are provided for further entertainment. Expect clean kids plates all around.

  • Nando's

We all love a slice of grilled chicken and it doesn't come more sumptious than our old friend Nandos. ‘Nandinos’ menu is for children under 10 and there’s plenty to choose from including plain chicken for those who prefer tamer meals, it includes dessert and a drink all for under £6.


  • A refreshing change from the standard menu, Giraffe offers chicken curry, kids quesadillas and katsu chicken in keeping with its excellent choice of foods. Better still, at the weekends kids eat free.

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