Essential Foods for a Healthy Kids Picnic

Essential Foods for a Healthy Kids Picnic

One of the great joys of the summer is being able to dine al-fresco, and if dolls, teddies and action figures want to join then great - the more the merrier!

Why not host your very own teddy bear’s picnic to celebrate National Picnic Week (15-24 June)? To help, we’ve put together some of our favourite healthy snacks for kids and picnic treats to enjoy.

Children enjoy mealtimes when they’re fun, so an outdoor picnic is the perfect answer to a warm summer’s day. It’s great fun for picky eaters, since there’s lots of choice and variety to keep it interesting.
Inspired by warm summer evenings and beautiful vistas across meadows, here’s some inspiring bites to include. Get your picnic box and plastic plates for kids and get packing…
Strawberries and yoghurt
Surely the number one ingredient for the perfect picnic, strawberries (and low far cream) - a delicious snack for all the family, also a great source of Vitamin C. Swap out the cream for natural yoghurt for a healthier alternative that the kids will enjoy.
Salmon on Bread
Wholemeal bread, brown bread and even rye bread offer higher-fibre choices than white bread. Garnish with a slice of smoked salmon and a twist of lemon, for a healthy and filling open sandwich. Smoked salmon is loaded with goodness, including omega-3 fatty acids.
Hummus and Crudites
Ok, so they’re a little messy which is why a bit of prep is needed for these wholesome snacks. Carrot batons make the ideal scoop and are high in Vitamin A, K and B6. Peppers also make great batons and are a great source of Vitamin A, C and K. That said, fussy toddlers might prefer breadsticks – come prepared!
A scrummy alternative to crisps, popcorn is low in calories and high in fibre – opt for the plain version over sugary types (better still get the sort you make at home in the popcorn marker), and pick out hard kernals before serving to kids.
Falafel Scotch Eggs
A healthy twist on a classic snack – replacing meat with falafel makes for a delicious alternative, and is vegetarian friendly too.
Cheese and Crackers
What could be more British! A delicious chunk of cheese on a cracker (you may want to try a children’s cracker such as Goodies) is just the way to round off a picnic. Cheese of course is great for calcium, important for healthy teeth and bones.
Homemade flapjacks
A delicious homemade treat using raisins and oats. Why not cut them up into squares and share them out at the picnic.
Banana Bread
If you can, try and opt for low sugar banana bread, or better still – homemade versions. This is a great finger food perfect for outdoor parties, with bananas providing a slow release of energy to keep little ones going.
Don’t forget your wipes and a plastic bag to dispose of all your rubbish!
And finally - complete your perfect picnic spread with the Tea Party plate. With its own built-in picnic table and spaces for guests, it’s perfect for taking with you on the go!

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