What is an Easter Gift Box and How Do I Make One?

What is an Easter Gift Box and How Do I Make One?

What is an Easter Gift Box and How Do I Make One?

You’ve probably heard about the ‘Christmas Eve Box’ craze, but did you know there’s a new trend for Easter and it’s all about the gift box?

Parents, get ready, because this trend is taking off in a big way, especially with Easter Sunday around the corner, taking place on 9th April this year.

What is an Easter Box?

An Easter Box, or an Easter Gift Box, is the perfect way to celebrate Easter and make sure your kids have something fun to open on Easter morning. It’s a cute way of filling a gift box with treats, which bring the Easter spirit to life! These don’t have to cost a fortune, as we all know, toddlers are always impressed by the littlest touches.

What’s in an Easter Gift Box?

Here’s the good bit. Youc an fill your Easter box with as little or as much as you like. There’s no hard or fast rules, although an Easter egg is usually a given. Some parents prefer to use traditional Easter baskets to fill with treats – either are fine, and there’s a huge selection on Etsy from as little as £1.40

The Easter box is usually made by parents and grandparents for their children, but other family members can also get involved in making it too. The contents of an Easter box vary depending on the age and personality of your child(ren), but typically include Easter eggs (either one big one, or lots of small ones, or both) and some other treats with an Easter theme (bunnies, carrots, chocolates, egg cups, chickens, daffodils, Hot Cross buns).

  • Easter box gifts for toddlers

If you have a toddler who’s just starting to learn about shapes and colours, you might want to include some colours or paintbrushes in their gift set, for painting their eggs. If they’re a fussy eater and you’re encouraging them to explore more foods, why not include a Munchy Play plate, such as the Thomas Train Plate, the perfect dish for serving up Easter eggs!

  • Easter treats for preschoolers

Older children might prefer more hands-on treats, such as colouring books, crafts, stickers and activity sheets with an Easter theme. The Works has a fun and affordable selection of Easter treats to fill your basket with.

How to decorate your Easter Box

The best thing about creating your Easter Box is how much fun it can be, especially when it comes to getting creative.  You can opt for a shop-made design, or spruce it up yourself with bows, ribbons and painted eggs (personally, we love bunnies!)

What do you need to make an Easter box for your kids?

If you’re making your Easter egg box from scratch, here’s a few things you might want to include:

  • Painted eggs – they’re so much fun to include and you can use lots of bright colours that toddlers adore.
  • Tissue paper – opt for springtime colours, baby pastels and light tones that bring the Easter theme to life, Amazon is a great place for all these bits.
  • Easter bonnet – buying one will save you from making one for the nursery parade!
  • If you’re decorating a box from scratch you can use paper plates for the base, tissue paper for the lining and coloured card for the top.
  • Tip: We’re big fans of upcycling materials and giving them a second life. Get creative with your empty egg box, or use your Munchy Play packaging in reverse, the round circle is perfect for decorating.

When to give your Easter Gift Box?

It’s entirely down to you when to give your child their box, however Easter Sunday (9 April) is the most popular choice. This can coincide with an Easter egg hunt in your garden, or as a gift when the family come over to play!

Fina thoughts

Easter is celebration that children of all ages can get involved in. Whether they dress up, go on Easter egg hunts, or decorate their own eggs, there’s so much craft activities to enjoy. If you want to treat your child to something different, or get involved in the latest craze, then an Easter Gift Box filled with goodies is a fun way to bring the Easter story to life!


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